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Interactive Report
Arctic Wolf Labs

Threat Report 2023

For the first time, you can gain access to the intelligence and insights developed by Arctic Wolf Labs over the past year as we ingested trillions of weekly observations.
Interactive Report
The state of cybersecurity

2023 Trends

Arctic Wolf conducted a survey of 700+ global IT security decision makers to understand priorities and challenges for the year ahead.
Interactive Report
A Global Perspective

Top Cybersecurity Concerns of 2023

Dig into highlights from our survey of 900+ decision makers from growing and established enterprises to discover how market forces and cyber threats are impacting their decisions.
Interactive Report
Meet the Players from

The Big Bu$ine$$ of Cybercrime

Cybercrime has become a big business. While there are many cybercriminals out there, we’ve gathered details on the six key threat actor groups to look out for.

Interactive Report
Explore Your Regulations

Industry Compliance

Compliance can be overwhelming. Multiple frameworks. Overlapping requirements. Let Arctic Wolf be your guide.
Interactive Report
Climbing Alerts, Climbing Costs

What is Alert Fatigue?

While tools can enhance protection and visibility, they also generate a massive volume of events and alerts. Arctic Wolf helps you combat it.

Interactive Report

The Most Exploited Vulnerabilities of 2022

Join us as we explore the 34 most high-profile vulnerabilities – and what makes them so dangerous.

Interactive Report
2022's Biggest Cyber Attacks

Data Breaches in Review

Our annual recap of the most noteworthy, high-profile, and damaging data cybercrimes of the year.
Interactive Report
2022 Hindsights 2023 Insights

Lessons Learned From a Turbulent 2022

Access essential insights on lessons the security community learned in 2022, and prepare for the complexities your team will face in the coming year.
Interactive Journey
Seeing Is Securing

Holistic Visibility

The most proactive, impactful way to accelerate and augment existing security operations is by gaining comprehensive visibility into your entire environment, which requires telemetry from every possible source.
Interactive Journey

A Managed Security Awareness Journey

Check out a rundown on the Managed Security Awareness Secure Culture Dashboard, along with a month’s worth of content, microlearning sessions, quizzes, and a look at a phishing simulation.
Interactive Assessment
The Right Path

The Security Operations Maturity Assessment

Security is a journey, not a destination. Take this assessment to find out if your organization is on the right path.
Interactive Calculator
It all adds up

The True Cost of Alert Fatigue

Spending unnecessary time and resources on noisy tools and alert triage could be costing you more than you realize. Use the calculator below to understand your true cost of alert fatigue.
Interactive Calculator
Cost of a Breach

Calculate Your Cost

With the Arctic Wolf Cost of a Breach Calculator, you’ll be able to estimate how your organization may be affected by a cyber incident so you’re prepared for even your worst day.
Interactive Calculator
Total Cost of Ownership

Calculate Your SecOps Savings

From hiring the right team to implementing new solutions, securing your business can add up quickly. Discover how much you could save with our Total Cost of Ownership calculator.
Interactive Timeline
Real World Examples

Incident Response Timelines

Learn how Arctic Wolf can help your organization detect the undetectable in only minutes and support ongoing security training to minimize the risk of breaches through human error.
Interactive Timeline
Utilities Industry

Ransomware Attack & Containment

Explore a real-world attack on a customer in the utilities industry. We’ll show you, step by step, how Arctic Wolf helped this customer both stop this attack as well as develop a roadmap for preventing future ones.
Interactive Timeline

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability

Take a walk through an attack on a customer in the construction industry with the attacker leveraging the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities that were released in early 2021.
Interactive Timeline
Manufacturing Industry

Business Email Compromise

We’ll show you how the Arctic Wolf platform detected an email account takeover in only 19 minutes with the dedicated team of security experts investigating and alerting the customer.
Interactive Timeline
Local Government

Ransomware Attack

Take an exclusive and real life look at how Arctic Wolf’s industry-leading Security Operations workflow remediated a ransomware attack on a local government organization.

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