Sustainability Statement

Our Mission
In our relentless pursuit of our mission to “End Cyber Risk” we lead with our values. We foster a culture of integrity and accountability to earn the trust of our stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors, partners, and regulators, and strive to conduct our business in a manner that sustains, protects, and ensures the safety of our people and our planet.


As a global leader in cybersecurity, we are committed to world-class protection of our data and the data of our customers. Data privacy and security are key tenets of our vision of a future without cyber risk. We believe in the importance of safeguarding personal information and celebrated Data Privacy Day to raise awareness of cyber hygiene practices. As a leader in cybersecurity, we continually publish insights, intelligence, best practices and advice to help organizations stay ahead of security threats and protect the integrity and privacy of their data, systems, and other assets. For example, we released our Arctic Wolf Labs 2023 Threat Report to share forward-thinking insights along with practical guidance you can apply to protect your organization, as well as our annual “The State of Cybersecurity: 2023 Trends Report” which describes how organizations around the globe are establishing priorities and addressing top security challenges.


At Arctic Wolf, we believe that robust corporate governance is critical to establishing and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders. As a global leader in cybersecurity, it is imperative that we lead with integrity and transparency to cultivate a culture of compliance, accountability, and upholding the highest standards for professional conduct. We have adopted a number of policies that reflect our commitments to these values, and we require all of our representatives to undergo trainings so that they understand how these values translate into concrete business actions. Our Code of Conduct and Ethics sets out our guiding principles and the expectations we have of all Arctic Wolf representatives, from our directors and officers to our independent contractors and consultants, to act fairly, honestly, and as good stewards of the business.


We are committed to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where all members of our Pack feel safe and have a sense of belonging. We believe that cultivating diverse and inclusive teams with different perspectives helps us examine ideas from multiple angles, generate competitive business insights, and ultimately make better decisions. Learn more about our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Initiatives.

The Pack Gives Back

At Arctic Wolf, we aim to support the communities where we work and live. Each year, we host a “The Pack Gives Back” day composed of teamwork, community, and giving. It’s an opportunity for employees from each of our offices to make a direct impact through philanthropic activities that support communities and initiatives locally and around the world.



We believe in responsible innovation and respect for intellectual property. We are committed to protecting and maintaining our intellectual property rights, and we respect the intellectual property rights of others. To advance our mission to “End Cyber Risk”, we support several open-source cybersecurity projects that increase accessibility to cyber protection, including our award-winning Log4Shell Deep Scan Tool. At Arctic Wolf Labs, we bring together elite security researchers, data scientists, and security development engineers to develop in-depth security, R&D, and threat intelligence for Arctic Wolf’s customer base and the security community at large.


We are committed to understanding the environmental impact of our operations and will work to establish sustainability strategies that are scalable and build a strong foundation for long-term success. As we develop and advance our sustainability efforts, we will work with our stakeholders to understand and mitigate our climate risks and promote environmentally sustainable practices to drive value.

The company developed the following foundational policies and statements to put in place good governance to foster responsible business practices.