You need EDR, but you also need so much more than that.

What Is EDR and How Does It Fit into Your Security Strategy?

Let’s take a step back and assess EDR’s place in your overall cybersecurity strategy, as well as the gaps that it cannot fill by itself.

Hackers will never rest until they've been locked up or gotten what they desire.

Hackers Hit HBO – But Why?

The recent hack against HBO has left many of us wondering what’s going to happen next.

Brute-force attacks try to bypass secret passwords.

Are You Prepared For Brute-Force Attacks?

Brute-force attacks have re-emerged in more sophisticated form.

Do you know what to look for when you're outsourcing a SOC?

What to Look for in a SOC-as-a-Service Provider

An outsourced SOC has great potential to improve the security posture of SMBs – if it has the right set of features.

Are you equipped to defend the IoT on your network?

The Basic Tenets of IoT Security

If the idea of protecting more than 8 billion connected objects seems impossible, rest assured, it’s more doable than you may have imagined. 

Better network security is a matter of urgency.

What SMBs Can Learn from Google’s Project Zero

Do you have a Project Zero of your own?

Petya Ransomware attacks

Petya ransomware is like WannaCry, but more ferocious

A new strain of ransomware called “Petya” is sweeping across the globe as of Tuesday, June 27th, 2017. It is very similar to the WannaCry ransomware, in that it exploits the same Windows vulnerability that Microsoft patched in March 2017. However, you could have many unpatched legacy Windows systems running in your IT infrastructure, whichRead more

Not everything is what it seems.

War stories, part 3: Foul play or false alarm?

Are you making mountains out of molehills?

War stories, part 2: Cutting the phishing lines

Phishing is becoming more sophisticated and personalized. In the past, would-be phishing victims often received generic emails instructing them to sign a contract or take action to renew their expired credit cards. But now, a campaign might be continually refined so that it targets a single person, making it much more effective than the traditionalRead more

Ransomware attacks will persist even though WannaCry has died down

The WannaCry ransomware swept through Europe and Asia in mid-May, locking the critical systems of the National Health Service in the U.K., Telefonica in Spain and many other organizations around the world, unless they paid the Bitcoin fine it demanded. However, WannaCry infections were quickly brought under control as malware researchers identified several preventive measures and mitigation techniquesRead more