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Arctic Wolf Managed Risk

Arctic Wolf® Managed Risk enables you to discover, assess, and harden your environment against digital risks by contextualizing your attack surface coverage across your networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.

Concierge-Led Managed Risk Experience

Managed Prioritization and Personalized Protection Delivered by Your Concierge Security® Team

The Concierge Security Team is a force multiplier to your existing security team. If you don’t have a security team, you gain instant access to security professionals that are otherwise difficult, if not impossible to find.

Your named Concierge Security engineer works with you to prioritize vulnerabilities discovered from networks, endpoints, and cloud environments.

We start with the essential task of identifying assets in your environment and defining your attack surface across network, perimeter, host, and accounts.

Then the Concierge Security Team contextualizes your attack surface coverage with risk policies, asset criticalities, and SLOs (service level objectives). This contextualization enables you to prepare your environment to end cyber risk.


Once we have that perspective, the Concierge Security Team assesses and provides you with the risk priorities in your environment.

They then advise you on your remediation actions to ensure you are benchmarking against configuration best practices and continually hardening your security posture.

Benefits of Managed Risk