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Managed Security Awareness®
Arctic Wolf® Managed Security Awareness prepares your employees to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks and human error—helping to end cyber risk at your organization.
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New Security Awareness Content Options

FOR Industry, Roles, Compliance, and More
Activate industry content tracks and supplemental role-based content across a range of highly targeted sectors with highly targeted employees.
Incorporate cutting-edge content into your awareness program with lessons created by security awareness pioneer, Habitu8.
See our data sheet for more details.
Integrate compliance training with your security awareness program. Arctic Wolf enables group-based assignment of 15 compliance courses covering topics including:
  • PCI
  • Title IX
  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employment
  • and FMLA



Managed Security Awareness

Embark on a Managed Security Awareness Journey.

Take a time-traveling tour into the future of security awareness.

Hop in and see for yourself what it’s like to be an Arctic Wolf Managed Security Awareness customer.

You’ll participate in some microlearning sessions, find out what your Concierge Security Team can do for you, and discover how an ongoing program can change your company culture.

Engaging Microlearning Sessions

Dedicated Concierge Security Team

Interactive Quiz Sessions

Employee Progress Reports

Managed Security Awareness Training Addresses the Most Common Cyberthreats by Influencing Behavior and Fostering a Security Culture

Improve Protection

Prepare employees to recognize and neutralize social engineering attacks, like phishing.

Strengthen Resilience

Empower employees to identify cyber risks and report mistakes that could expose sensitive data.

Achieve Compliance

Deliver security awareness training for regulatory compliance.
Even when security teams are proactive about training, they too often focus exclusively on training and awareness and stop short of influencing long-term behavior and a true security culture.
Jinan Budge - Principal Analyst, Forrester

A More Effective Security Awareness Program

We provide the tools and expertise to develop the behaviors organizations need from their employees for better protection and stronger resilience. With Managed Security Awareness, you can avoid expensive security incidents and data breaches by having employees on the lookout for social engineering attacks, like phishing, and prepares them to report mistakes that could result in data loss. Arctic Wolf also watches for employee credentials on the dark web and alerts you when it discovers breaches.

Awareness Training

  • Employee-centric security microlearning
  • Timely topics and threat vectors covered in each lesson
  • Continuous engagement through gamification without administrative action

Phishing Simulation

  • Automated testing based on current phishing threats
  • Built-in coaching when employee engages phishing simulation
  • Tracking and reporting for employees and program administrator

Account Takeover Monitoring

  • Identify if employee credentials are compromised and expose your organization
  • Immediate notification when employee credentials are found on the dark web