Security Operations Platform

How it Works

The Arctic Wolf
Security Operations Platform

Designed to collect, enrich, and analyze security data at scale.


See the complete picture with broad visibility, unlimited event data, and on-demand access to retained logs​


Focus on what’s important with broad correlation that creates tangible risk quantifications and actionable threat intelligence


Detect advanced threats with machine learning and detection engines that reduce alert fatigue

Security Operations Platform

Broad visibility across endpoint, network, and cloud.

The Arctic Wolf Platform processes over 5 trillion events per week, and enriches them with threat intelligence and risk context to drive faster threat detection, simplify incident response, and eliminate alert fatigue.


  • Broad Visibility

    Collects over 5 trillion events weekly, works with your existing technology stack spanning endpoint, network, and cloud.

  • Unlimited Data

    Data retention and recall based on a flat fee, not on event volume. ​

  • Generous Retention

    Retains log sources for compliance purposes and provides on-demand access to your data.


  • Threat Intel

    Correlates all events with industry-leading threat intelligence from commercial and open source feeds. ​

  • Digital Risk

    All data is contextualized so you can quantify your digital risk with an understanding of vulnerabilities, system misconfigurations, and account takeover exposure.

  • Broad Perspective

    See security events from multiple perspectives, based on a broad set of telemetry sources.


  • Cloud Analytics

    Automatically detect advanced threats with machine learning and other cloud native detection engines.

  • Customized Rules

    Detection rules tailored to your environment collect events that other products miss and reduce false positives.

  • Alert Aggregation

    Alerts are aggregated into incidents to eliminate fatigue.

Today's SOC Challenges

Most organizations lack complete visibility into their security infrastructure and face more than 10,000 alerts per day which leads to alert fatigue and blind spots in coverage.

The top barrier to SOC success, according to 65 percent of respondents, is the lack of visibility into the IT security infrastructure.


The top reason for SOC ineffectiveness, according to 69 percent, is lack of visibility into network traffic.


Only about half of SOCs have threat intelligence (51%).



How a cloud native platform helps security operations

Rapid feature and capability development that evolves in line with rapidly changing security demands, generating multiple market-leading solutions—all atop a single security operations platform.

Broad Visibility

Discover more threats and risks with detection and security event collection that span networks, endpoints, and cloud.

Works with what you have

Enriches telemetry collected from your existing systems with data from multiple sources to add context without needing to rip and replace your existing products.

Secure your move to the cloud

Connects to and monitors cloud platforms for threats, risks, and misconfigurations, and simplifies cloud security across IaaS and SaaS resources.

Predictable Pricing and Unlimited Data

We don’t place limits on what you can monitor, and we don’t charge based on event volume or events per second which makes our pricing more predictable and easier to understand.

Technology Included

Core technologies like threat intelligence, advanced threat detection, and vulnerability management are included with Arctic Wolf.


We have three core solutions today and we will continue to build new solutions on the same platform to be there for you as the security landscape changes.
AI Machine Learning Icon

AI Machine Learning

Leveraging an array of detection methodologies, including AI powered machine learning, empowers Arctic Wolf to quickly uncover suspicious and anomalous behaviors within these collected data set. Our custom detection rules then allow us to deliver our unique personalized protection for your organization.

The Arctic Wolf® Platform Powers:

Arctic Wolf
Managed Detection
and Response

Detection and response tailored to the specific needs of your organization that eliminates alert fatigue and false positives to promote a faster response.

Arctic Wolf

Personalized digital risk management that discovers more, benchmarks against industry trends, and tailors protection to strategically harden your security posture over time.

Arctic Wolf
Managed Security

Fully-managed security awareness training that prepares employees to stop social engineering attacks through microlearning, automated phishing tests, and awareness coaching.

Arctic Wolf

Recover quickly from cyber attacks and breaches, from threat containment to business restoration.

The Future Of AI At Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf is addressing the exponential scale of security threats to business worldwide with our fusion of human intelligence, artificial intelligence, and one of the world’s largest data-streams of security observations.
Join Arctic Wolf’s Dan Schiappa, Chief Product Officer, and Ian McShane, Vice President of Product, as they share their vision for AI in the context of the industry-leading Arctic Wolf Security Operations Cloud.
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“Cybersecurity threats continually transform and mature. Arctic Wolf, however, delivers the tools and expertise to continually monitor our environment and alert on these threats. I rest easier knowing our operations are monitored 24×7 with Arctic Wolf.”
AJ Tasker,
Vice President and Director of IT, First United Bank & Trust

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