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As the COVID-19 pandemic pushes organizations to adopt a work-from-home strategy, security must adapt. If you need guidance on how to secure your organization as you transition to a remote workforce, we’re here to help.

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Today’s Complex Cybersecurity Landscape


Cyberattacks present a nonstop threat for organizations⁠—from third party applications to trusted insiders. Siloed legacy tools also offer limited visibility into incoming threats.


IT and security teams are overwhelmed by complex cybersecurity strategies. This means more software to patch, greater regulatory scrutiny, and increased training requirements.


Security teams turn to point products to mitigate their threat landscape. But without a centralized cybersecurity infrastructure in place, warning signals become lost in a sea of data.

Reduce Unnecessary Noise. Only Escalate The Issues That Require Action.



Daily security observations.

7 Years

Protecting businesses.


Security engineers & analysts monitoring your environments.

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Cybersecurity for Your Suddenly Remote Workforce

Explore the evolving COVID-19 threat landscape with Lane Roush, Arctic Wolf’s VP of Presales Systems Engineering.

Cyber Risk Spotlight Report

To build and maintain a comprehensive risk profile, you need to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Learn the assets and risk trends to watch.

Gartner Market Guide for MDR Services

A comprehensive guide to Gartner’s perspective on the current MDR landscape.

The Arctic Wolf Difference

Redefining cybersecurity means going beyond point products to the essential layers that make up comprehensive cybersecurity: the people, process and technology that work together seamlessly to keep your business safe from attack.


Experience 24×7 advanced threat detection and incident support powered by a seasoned Concierge Security Team, with dedicated, named resources to hunt down threats to your organization.


We offer predictable pricing and incredible coverage. Our proprietary security operations centers were built to customize workflows and create around-the-clock frictionless security outcomes.


Arctic Wolf ingests billions of real time events every day, prioritizing actual threats to eliminate false positives. It’s eyes-on-glass human intelligence combined with machine scale and efficiency.

What Our Customers Say

“Arctic Wolf acts as a force multiplier for our IT team. The Arctic Wolf™ SOC-as-a-service ensures Zelle’s and our clients’ data always remain secure. It has improved our security posture and helped us meet client security obligations.”

Bryce Hustad, Director of Information Technology, Zelle LLP

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