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Managed Vulnerability Assessment Buyer's Guide

Arctic Wolf Managed Vulnerability Assessment Buyer’s Guide

Market Guide to Managed Detection and ServicesResponse (3)

2019 Gartner
MDR Market Guide

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Arctic Wolf MDR
Buyer’s Guide

The Definitive Guide to Soc-as-a-Service

Definitive Guide to

Cyberthreat Defense Report

2019 Cyberthreat
Defense Report

Cover of SOC as a Service vs. DIY SOC

Frost & Sullivan: TCO of
SOC-as-a-Service vs. DIY SOC

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Why Financial Service Firms
Should Add Managed Detection & Response

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Reduce Your Attack Surface
with Continuous Risk Assessment


How SOC-as-a-Service Benefits Financial Firms


Is a SIEM Solution Right for Your Organization?


Win the Battle Against Cyberattackers


Find the Right Cybersecurity Solution for Your Organization


Close the Cybersecurity
Skills Gap


SANS Reviews Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-Service


What You Need to Know About Cloud Security

Why build a SOC when you can buy one?


Avoid the hassle


Save time and money


Get value on day one


Access top security pros

Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-Service

Industry‘s Most Fierce SOC-as-a-Service

The Arctic Wolf Difference

Concierge Security™ Team

The Concierge Security™ Team (CST) is your single point of contact for your Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-service. Your CST acts as your trusted security advisor and an extension of your internal team.

  • Conducts daily triage and forensics
  • Customizes service to your needs
  • Provides actionable remediation recommendations

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Hybrid AI

Hybrid AI demonstrably identifies attacks, reduces false positives and speeds up the time between detection and responses. It merges a security engineer’s intelligence and intuition with the efficiency and productivity of artificial intelligence

  • 10X better threat detection
  • Human intelligence and intuition
  • Machine scale and efficiency

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CRulE Intentions

CRulE Intentions provide unlimited flexibility to tailor our services to your exact needs. It allows your Concierge Security Engineer to configure your exact security and operational policies, updating them as needed to align with your changing business needs.

  • Unlimited security policy customization
  • Unlimited rules granularity or generalization
  • Unlimited situational rules customization

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Security Optimized Data Architecture (SODA)

SODA unifies the ingestion, storage, parsing and analysis of network traffic and log data. It provides the foundation for the security analytics that give our security engineers deep  visibility into your security posture.

  • On-demand access to the relevant security data for incident investigation
  • Instrumented for cybersecurity data science
  • Unlimited data collection at no additional charge

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