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Providing Proactive Protection for Manufacturers

Cybersecurity Operations for the Manufacturing Industry

In today’s modern manufacturing world, automation and connectivity are essential parts of manufacturing. But these same technical innovations expose the manufacturing industry to cyber threats, putting their people, data, intellectual property, and reputation at risk. Proactive security operations solutions are needed to ensure that your company stays secure.

By the Numbers

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Global supply chains, interconnected smart factories, sprawling webs of suppliers, legacy systems, fragmented security frameworks, and industrial IoT devices mean the manufacturing industry is more at risk than ever before. 

Intellectual property theft, phishing attacks, and ransomware remain constant threats, while supply chain and industrial IoT attacks are on the rise.  Meanwhile, proactive protection remains elusive as the high costs of spinning up an in-house security operations center — let alone finding the talent to staff it — can be too high a hurdle for the manufacturing industry to clear. That’s why many manufacturers are turning to managed security operations solutions.

73% of attacks launched against the manufacturing sector were motivated by financial reasons, with the balance involving espionage.
More than half of manufacturers and distributors experienced at least 2 information security events in the past 12 months.
There will be an estimated 29 billion connected devices on factory floors by 2030.
A quarter of all attacks on the manufacturing industry come from internal threats.

Customer Testimonial

Being a mid-size manufacturing growth organization, we didn't have resources to manage 24x7 monitoring of external threats we faced. Getting Arctic Wolf sensors installed at all of our 10 locations (including Canada and Mexico) and Office 365 monitoring increased the visibility 10 fold.
CIO at mid-size manufacturing organization, current Arctic Wolf customer
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