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The Cost of Cybercrime

When it comes to data breaches, every year produces a new record-breaking number. And it’s only getting worse. By 2021, Cybersecurity Ventures forecasts global cybercrime will cost $6 trillion annually.
8- 0
Minimum number of full-time security staff recommended by Gartner for 24×7 SOC operations.
$ K+
Average cost to purchase and maintain SIEM, Threat Intelligence, and Vulnerability Scanning solutions.
Frost and Sullivan
$ M
Minimum number of full-time security staff recommended by Gartner for 24×7 SOC operations.

Calculate your security operations savings

Between hiring the right team, maintaining current systems, and implementing new solutions, securing your business can add up quickly. Discover how much you could save with our Total Cost of Ownership calculator.
How many employees does your company have?

This determines how many full-time staff your SOC needs and estimated number of professional services hours to implement. A typical company employs 1 staff per 100 employees.

How many servers, physical or cloud, do you have?

This is used to calculate both threat detection and vulnerability scanning.

How many workstations do you have?
How many internet-facing firewalls does your business have?

Building a SOC

As the cost of cybercrime continues rising at an incredible pace, organizations turn to security operations centers for 24×7 protection. If you’re thinking about building your own SOC, here are the core components to consider when mapping out budget and impact.

SOC Staffing

Security Analysts, Security Engineers, and a SOC Manager are all needed on-site. In addition, 24×7 staffing is critical to catch intruders and malicious insiders before they impact your business.

SIEM + Professional Services

SIEM is the technology backbone of a SOC. Options include on-premises SIEM hardware appliances, virtual SIEM appliances, and co-managed SIEM offerings. However, SIEM is a complex technology to master, frequently requires challenging customizations to implement, and imposes high ongoing maintenance and tuning costs.

External Threat Intelligence

External threat intelligence is critical to understand indicators of compromise, evolving and emerging attack types and methods, profiles of recent victims, and incident severity.

Vulnerability Scanning

Like with SIEM, various options are available. Tools are often priced with usage fees based on the number of scanned endpoints which contribute to cost unpredictability.

Arctic Wolf’s security operations includes all of these features and more.

Discuss your cost saving calculations with a cybersecurity expert today.

Compare DIY SOC to Arctic Wolf’s industry-leading security operations

Going it alone? The results can be devastating. Money lost. Time wasted. Reputations destroyed. That's why you need the experts in your corner.

Arctic Wolf's 24x7 Concierge Security® Teams are working around the clock to monitor, detect, and respond to cyberattacks before they have the chance to impact your business. Continually redefining cybersecurity in today's complex landscape, Arctic Wolf's security operations are trusted by thousands of IT and Security leaders to protect their organization.
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“Arctic Wolf brings exponential benefits in terms of affordability. It saves us several times over on the cost of a full-time employee, and that savings more than pays for a comprehensive security service that monitors things 24/7”

Steve Roach, Senior VP and Chief Information Officer at Valley Strong Credit Union

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