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Operationalize Cybersecurity Compliance

Safeguarding customer data, trade secrets, intellectual property, and other valuable data is critical to protecting your organization’s reputation—and your bottom line.
Between staying ahead of cyberattacks, implementing the right technology, and staffing a security operations team; complying with increasingly complex regulations can feel out of reach for even the most skilled teams. That’s why you need an expert on your side.
Your Concierge Security® Team (CST) helps assess and identify areas of improvement in your security posture and works with you to address your compliance shortfalls. Your CST has experience with dynamic monitoring and detection and vulnerability management—a major requirement in meeting compliance standards.

Compliance is a Moving Target

Is your organization checking every box when it comes to compliance obligations? The complexity can feel overwhelming. Multiple frameworks and regulations must be considered, many of which have overlapping requirements.

Industry Specific Legislation

Heavily regulated industries are a major target for cybercriminals. Financial, legal, healthcare, and governing institutions need to comply with stringent controls to limit access to private and sensitive data.

State and Local Regulation

From New York’s SHIELD law to California's CCPA; access to coveted markets heavily depends on meeting and maintaining the unique compliance requirements in the jurisdictions an organization conducts business.

National & International Requirements

Governing bodies around the world have enacted numerous security privacy rules and guidelines including GDPR, ISO, and NIST frameworks that can be enforced with heavy financial penalties.

Want to understand and meet your compliance obligations?

Arctic Wolf Helps Thousands of Teams Achieve Compliance

Customized Rules

No two IT environments are the same. Security needs and objectives vary dramatically from industry to industry. That’s why the Arctic Wolf® Platform comes out of the box with hundreds of detection rules already built in. New customized rules are then routinely implemented to achieve your desired security outcomes.

Strategic Security Review

Simply providing visibility into the security performance of your IT environment through dashboards or scheduled reports is not enough to meet your security operations needs. Your Arctic Wolf CST regularly meets with your team to review historical events and make personalized recommendations to guide you along your security journey.

Unlimited Log Retention

View your data on your time. Unlike alternatives, Arctic Wolf retains log source data for compliance purposes. Gain on-demand access to platform data, regardless of event volume—all without incurring additional fees.

Compliance Regulations

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NIST 800-171​​
CIS Controls
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“Getting clear visibility across our infrastructure was a worrisome issue until we engaged Arctic Wolf. Collaborating with Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® Team lets us maintain visibility and meet compliance obligations.” 

Dr. Jason A. Thomas,

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer, Jackson Parish Hospital 

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