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Security Operations for State and Local Government

In an ideal world, when citizens give their data to state and local governments, it would stay safe and protected from cyberthreats. Unfortunately, that’s not often the case, as the list of cybersecurity challenges continues to grow at an exponential rate.
It’s clear that governments need to gain greater visibility into what’s happening in their networks—before a breach occurs. However, for most public sector organizations, funding and staffing a 24x7 security operations program on a tight budget is an uphill battle.

The stakes have never been higher for state and local governments looking to protect invaluable data from cyberattacks.

Stagnant Budgets

Yearly budget increases aren’t keeping up with growing number of sophisticated threats, as well as the new tools and solutions needed to stop them.

Aggressive Threat Landscape

According to Recorded Future, in 2019 alone, there were more than 140 ransomware attacks targeting state and local government and public healthcare providers, a staggering 65% increase from 2018.

Competing Prioritization of Resources

Compared to highly visible expenditures, adequately funding and resourcing cybersecurity initiatives is often overlooked—until it’s too late.

Protect your organization with a 24x7 dedicated Concierge® Security Team.

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By the numbers

0 %
of state CISOs said inadequate cybersecurity staffing was the top barrier to an effective cybersecurity program.
0 %
of local governments said they experienced cyberattacks daily, with 28% saying they occurred at least hourly.
0 %
of local governments experienced more cybersecurity attacks, breaches and incidents than in the year before.
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Arctic Wolf Secures State and Local Government

24x7 Continuous Monitoring​

Around the clock detection, response, and digital risk coverage to proactively monitor your environment.​

Named Security Experts ​

Your dedicated Concierge Security® Team acts as an extension of your internal IT team, allowing you to detect, investigate, and respond to incidents.​

Complete Visibility Across Environments ​

Enrich security observations with digital risk information to quantify your exposure and prioritize actions.
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“Historically, cybersecurity in local governments was usually not a high-priority item, and it might not be something for which staff had training. Even if you wanted to bring in more security, a city might not have had the funds readily available at the time. Having a security operations provider allows us to more easily budget what we do on our end for security.”  

Benny Hsieh,
Cupertino, CA IT Manager, Infrastructure 

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Protect your public sector organization with Arctic Wolf.