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Solutions – Industries Overview

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Meeting Industry Cybersecurity and Regulatory Requirements

Arctic Wolf creates a custom security strategy for your organization’s specific needs. Through our concierge approach, we help you meet and maintain industry regulatory obligations. Learn how Arctic Wolf detects advanced threats and manages risks across healthcare, financial services, legal, manufacturing, government, and more.

Comprehensive Security Solutions Tailored to Your Industry

A weak security posture can lead to major regulatory fines. However, determining and meeting complex security regulations can be time-consuming and nearly impossible to maintain without an expert cybersecurity team at your back. Arctic Wolf works around the clock to help your team meet these regulations while also keeping your organization safe.
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Financial Services

Financial services firms are 300 times more likely than other companies to be targeted by a cyberattack1. These institutions must safeguard valuable client data and maintain industry and governmental compliance.
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The average healthcare organization spends $1.4 million to recover from a cyberattack2. With sensitive patient records at stake, healthcare organizations must do everything they can to protect this information while adhering to government regulations.
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Cybersecurity is a growing concern for governments, as they find it increasingly difficult to defend themselves. In fact, 88% of state and local government agencies have experienced at least one cyberattack in the last two years3.


1 in 4 law firms with more than 100 attorneys has experienced a security breach4. As a gold mine of privileged client information and industry trade secrets, law firms must ensure client data—as well as their own—remains secure.
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With intellectual property, a wide network of specialized IoT devices, corporate espionage attacks, and access to personal consumer data all at risk, manufacturers need a strong security strategy in place.
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2019 was a record-breaking year for data breaches. From SMBs to large enterprises, organizations must develop a comprehensive security strategy to effectively combat a growing threat landscape.
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Arctic Wolf Security Operations

Across industries, Arctic Wolf delivers security operations as a concierge service with our cloud native platform.
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Delivered as a Service

Your IT and security teams don’t have time for a months-long onboarding process to pilot another security point product. Your organization needs protection today. That’s why Arctic Wolf’s service model delivers the security you need: 24x7 protection on day one.
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Concierge Security® Team

Finding security talent is difficult. But with Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® Team, you receive tailored protection from known strategic resources who provides guidance and help to rapidly detect, respond, and recover when you’re hit by a cyberattack.
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Cloud Native Platform

The Arctic Wolf® Platform is the industry’s only cloud native platform that delivers security operations as a concierge service. It is designed to detect, collect, and enrich security data at scale. The Platform enables broader visibility than market alternatives and eliminates the need for you to rip and replace your existing tech stack.
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Stay in Compliance

From HIPAA and HITRUST to PCI-DSS and NIST, Compliance has become an increasingly important part of cybersecurity programs for every business and organization. That’s where our experts can help, as we understand your industry’s unique compliance needs.

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“Arctic Wolf acts as a force multiplier for our IT team. Arctic Wolf™ ensures Zelle’s and our clients’ data always remain secure. It has improved our security posture and helped us meet client security obligations.” 

Brian Hustad,
Director of Information Technology, Zelle LLP

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