Arctic Wolf Partner Program

Become an Arctic Wolf Partner and Grow
Your Business by Delivering the Most Essential
Element of Modern Security

Arctic Wolf offers the industry’s most secure and easiest to deploy security operations center (SOC) as a service as an affordable subscription. Join our select group of partners and be one of the first to offer SOC-as-a-Service to your customers. AWN CyberSOC provides a dedicated Concierge Security Engineer and includes our very own managed-SIEM, often for less than the cost of hiring a security engineer. We provide you with the tools and training that enable your business to grow. Apply today.

Why Partner with Arctic Wolf?

Increase Revenue

AWN CyberSOC is a turnkey SOC-as-a-Service
you can add to your service portfolio.
You will be generating a recurring revenue
stream with great margins while strengthening
relationships with your customers.

Stand Out From the Competition

AWN CyberSOC provides tangible
value by focusing on threat detection and
remediation. You will provide mission
critical services beyond just managing
a customer’s infrastructure.

Gain Expertise

Learn what it takes to provide fierce
cybersecurity from the experts. We arm
you with the tools, training and resources
to help you expand 
your services offering
and elevate your earning potential.

Partnership Opportunities

Managed Services Providers

Differentiate your offerings from the competition by leveraging a solution that detects and responds to the most advanced threats. You don’t need additional resources to deploy or operate—AWN CyberSOC collects, aggregates and analyzes events across your customers’ network—and you are provided with actionable outcomes.

Solution Providers

Join the ranks of VARs, national resellers and distributors that deliver best-in-class security
solutions to small and medium enterprises.

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