Arctic Wolf for Cyber Insurance Providers

Arctic Wolf for
Cyber Insurance Providers

Our trusted partners in cyber insurance are a vital resource for clients on their cybersecurity journey. They guide organizations not only through underwriting, policy comparison, and placement, but also the technical cybersecurity controls they need to stay protected and qualify for insurance in the first place.

When the threat of cyber attacks looms large, protection gaps widen, and insureds feel lost on how to strengthen defenses, Arctic Wolf provides the Insurance Partner Program for Brokers and Carriers to support them within the Cyber JumpStart portal.

JumpStart Your Insureds’ Cyber Plan

Cyber JumpStart is a co-branded, secure portal for our partners in cyber insurance to share with their clients to identify their security gaps, improve their security posture, and qualify for better cyber insurance terms.

As policies become more robust, equip your insureds with Cyber JumpStart to:

  • IDENTIFY security gaps that prevent coverage and/or favorable terms.
  • PREPARE for a cyber attack to limit the severity and cost.
  • REMEDIATE their disqualifying controls.
  • CONNECT insureds seamlessly to Arctic Wolf’s team for risk control implementation.

The Cyber JumpStart Portal Includes:

Incident Response Plan

  • Built by Incident Response (IR) experts, clients can collect and organize the critical information needed to reduce business interruption losses
  • Broker partners use the IR Plan as a foundation for table-top exercises and other risk management services

JumpStart Threat Scanner

  • Insureds can consistently scan their environment to identify imminent threats, remediate them, and stay protected.
  • The JumpStart Threat Scanner eliminates noise by focusing on claim-causing vulnerabilities since our Incident Response reporting shows that 72% of incidents were caused by externally-facing, known vulnerabilities.
Security Project Guides
  • Insureds can close their security gaps with in-depth multi-media assets to guide implementation.
  • For additional guidance, insureds can directly access the Arctic Wolf team to discuss further remediation and long-term planning to reduce their cyber risk.

The Insurance Partner Program enhances your role as a trusted risk management advisor your insureds.

Become a part of the Pack to experience these benefits and more.

We provide a co-branded, secure portal for you and your insureds to enhance your organization’s thought leadership.

We’ll train your team and provide assets they can use while meeting with insureds or prospects.
Take advantage of ready-to-go, client-facing content and resources to tell the Cyber JumpStart story and spur engagement with insureds.
Meet with your Arctic Wolf Account Team to track the adoption of the Cyber JumpStart portal across your book of business, adjust your go-to-market strategy as needed, and request additional content.

Why Partner with Arctic Wolf?

  • Our mission at Arctic Wolf is to End Cyber Risk. We know that clients achieve the best outcomes when security controls, risk management, and Incident Response (IR) intelligence work together.
  • As a leader in security operations, Arctic Wolf has years of experience helping organizations of all sizes improve their security posture.
  • Backed by our real-time IR experience and threat intel, we innovate with our partners in cyber insurance and privacy law as the threat landscape constantly changes.

Better Together

By working together, Arctic Wolf and our trusted partners in cyber insurance are changing the game to help organizations achieve better security and financial outcomes. For more information about the Insurance Partner Program for Brokers and Carriers, fill out this form and one of our experts will be in touch.