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Holistic Visibility

Seeing is Securing
The most proactive, impactful way to accelerate and augment existing security operations is by gaining comprehensive visibility into your entire environment, which requires telemetry from every possible source — a state known as Holistic Visibility.
See More, Use More

Secure Your Posture With Greater Visibility

Each element of an organization’s environment has a role to play in proactive protection and reactive response. As cybercriminals continue to evolve and expand their attacks, it’s crucial that organizations understand their sources of telemetry and the types of observations they provide.
What Common Environments Miss

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See




30% of network observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • Allows you to detect activity in transit
  • Enables network containment if threat is present
  • Doesn’t require an agent to be deployed


  • Lacks endpoint context so you’re unable to see what you have on that asset
  • Relies on threat intelligence of known malicious IP addresses
  • Requires scheduling and planning out elements to navigate bandwidth concerns



20% of identity observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • In-depth knowledge of logins and to where they’re authenticating
  • Greater centralized control over user access
  • Multi-factor authentication promotes proactive security and empowers employees


  • Lack of visibility into what a user does after being authenticated
  • A steeper learning curve can result in greater false positives and false negatives
  • Privilege management is a constant task



15% of endpoint observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • Provides comprehensive insight into each endpoint
  • Real-time visibility into activity
  • Allows you to contain and isolate a threat if needed


  • Requires an agent to be deployed
  • Vast definition of what is classified as "endpoint"
  • Some attack techniques can intentionally bypass endpoints



15% of SaaS observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • Provides insights and visibility into SaaS applications
  • SaaS providers deliver new releases and updates, reducing cost and effort of upgrades


  • SaaS applications can generate high volumes of alerts, causing alert fatigue
  • Automatic or continuous updates may impact established configurations with little to no warning



10% of IaaS observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • Shared responsibility model with cloud providers may reduce your workload
  • Allows for threat detection before a perimeter breach


  • Shared responsibility models can be complex, potentially leading to gaps in coverage and misconfigurations
  • Some of the change controls rest with the third-party provider, rather than the user



5% of firewall observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • Provides full visibility into what’s entering and exiting your internal network
  • Active monitoring of traffic and alerts on malicious activity


  • Can be complex to operationalize and highly noisy
  • Requires constant tuning
  • Assumes trust of everything inside perimeter
  • Attackers know to expect a firewall and can plan to defeat it


Risks & Behaviors

5% of risk observations lead to ticketed incidents


  • Helps ensure proper vulnerability remediation
  • Proactively reduces breach risk by closing gaps before they can be exploited


  • Requires correlations with other sources of telemetry for maximum effectiveness
  • As an auxiliary telemetry source, many organizations don’t have it and don’t prioritize it
In the face of advanced attacks, many organizations turn to an all-too-common method of “improving” their cybersecurity posture:
More and more and more tools.

The Trouble with Tools

Expanding right alongside attack surfaces and the exploit options for cybercriminals are the number of tools organizations are investing in to properly monitor their environment and detect incidents.
But let’s face it: If tools could solve the problem, they would have by now.
Unless optimized, the telemetry the tools provide will be incomplete. Without a properly staffed IT team adequately trained in tuning the tools, sections of your environment go ignored. And you can’t ignore parts of your environment without consequences.
The average security analyst spends 10 hours each week responding to false positives.
Over one third of organizations believe they have too many tools to achieve cyber resiliency.
One quarter of all security alerts fielded by organizations are false positives.
“As a security and risk management leader responsible for security operations, you should use MDR services to obtain 24×7, remotely delivered, human-led security operations capabilities when there are no existing internal capabilities, or when the organization needs to accelerate or augment existing security operations capabilities. “
— 2023 Gartner® Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

Learn More About Telemetry Sources

Take a deep dive into each telemetry source, as well as the various tools and solutions used to gather and optimize critical security data.

Achieve Holistic Visibility

Single-source telemetry will never be enough. The Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Cloud and Concierge Security® Model uses all the telemetry sources from your tools to paint the bigger picture and proactively improve your posture over time. This allows organizations to streamline their security stacks, improving efficiency and reducing alert fatigue, as only those threats that are real and actionable are elevated.

See the Whole Picture

Bust the silos in which tools reside and eliminate the blind spots in which threat actors hide. Achieve holistic visibility with Arctic Wolf Security Operations.
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