Vendor Risk Management Poses Security Challenges for Companies Seeking New Business

It’s not just regulators; suppliers must also comply with security policies of corporate partners.

Why Businesses of All Sizes Are Now Targets of Cyberattacks

Based on Verizon’s research from 2018, 58% of victims of data breaches were categorized as small businesses, and most of these don’t get any media coverage.

Today's cybercriminals are chiefly motivated by profit.

Are You Prepared for the Evolution of Cyberthreats?

It takes much more than firewalls for businesses to offset cutting-edge attack methods. 

VPNFilter can have dire consequences for small businesses and consumers.

Key Takeaways from the Global VPNFilter Malware

VPNFilter is global in reach, and must be taken seriously by businesses and consumers. 

Is your organization doing everything it can to bolster cybersecurity?

Today’s Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: The Gap Widens

The cyberthreat landscape keeps evolving, but finding skilled cybersecurity pros is an increasing challenge for today’s organizations.

Ransomware begins encrypting files 3 seconds after execution.

Responding to Ransomware: Time Is of the Essence

This is part one in a five-part series about responding to the five most damaging cyberattacks. 

Failure to comply with NIST SP 800-171 could mean the end of your DoD contract.

What DoD Contractors Need to Know About NIST SP 800-171

DoD contractors and subcontractors subject to DFARS must seek help from a managed SOC provider to simplify compliance with NIST SP 800-171.

The IoT creates many new vulnerable connections.

How Continuous Monitoring and SOC-as-a-Service Secure IoT-Connected Devices

In the final part of this series on IoT security, we examine the roles of 24/7 monitoring and security operations centers.

Patching and multi-factor authentication are essential in protecting IoT devices.

Why You Need Timely Patching and Multi-Factor Authentication in IoT

In this blog, we look at how patching and two-factor authentication/multi-factor authentication should be implemented in the Internet of Things.

A data breach isn't always the result of hackers' actions.

Prominent Data Breaches Highlight Dangers of Third-Party Vendors

Recently, much publicized breaches by Facebook, Panera, Best Buy and others represent various types of breaches, some of which expose the dangers of relying on third-party vendors for payment processing and other functions which require sharing customer records and sensitive company data.