Women Transforming Tech: Dhvani Desai

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Arctic Wolf’s Women Transforming Tech (WTT) Pack Unity Alliance serves as our platform for women and their allies to build community, create strong professional networks, foster career development, and identify informal and formal ways that Arctic Wolf can be more inclusive in both our organization and the larger cybersecurity industry. Today, we’re sharing the perspective of Dhvani Desai, a member of our WTT Pack Unity Alliance. 

Personal Journey and Motivation 

Can you share a bit about your personal journey in the cybersecurity field? What initially drew you to this industry and inspired you to pursue a career in it?  

To be honest, I don’t directly come from the cybersecurity field, i.e. I am not a product developer or sales executive. I work in finance.  

That said I have worked in the software industry for the last 13 years, and in the last six years I have worked with companies that are in cybersecurity field. When I worked as consultant in the first cybersecurity company, I was very fascinated by the mission of this industry, which aligns with our company’s value and vision “to end cyber risk.” 

Overcoming Challenges 

The cybersecurity field can be quite demanding. What were some significant challenges you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them? Any advice for our readers/attendees on dealing with obstacles in this industry?   

When I worked with the first cybersecurity company, coming from a finance background, I invested significant time understanding the business, the risk in this industry, and more. Today, I keep myself updated by reading our peer companies articles and different interviews and webinars.   

My advice is to be keen on learning new things and keep yourself up to date on what is happening in our industry. This is a huge industry and always evolving, too. With artificial intelligence on the horizon, there will be more challenges that we all should be ready for.  

Skill Development 

Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field. How do you stay up to date with the latest technologies, trends, and best practices? Could you share some strategies for continuous skill development?  

I love doing research and reading about companies that are in the cybersecurity industry, listening to webinars, and reading articles. I also believe in learning in the field, and I am grateful to have a team and colleagues who include me in various business discussions. I read through the interviews, articles and webinars posted on LinkedIn by our leaders.  

Navigating Career Progression 

Many women face unique challenges in advancing their careers. What strategies did you employ to progress and succeed in your cybersecurity career? How did you advocate for your own professional growth?  

I have learned through life experience that I cannot control what is not in my control. Biases exist and many times those are unintentional. What has worked for me is to focus on myself and try every day to be better than I was yesterday. I love doing research and staying current with the knowledge I need to execute my work. I have asked for a challenge and, when needed, I have asked for coaching. This is how I have learned and progressed in my professional career. 

Mentorship and Networking 

Mentorship and networking can be instrumental in one’s career growth. Have you had mentors who guided you in your journey? How has networking with peers and colleagues influenced your career path?  

Of course. For me, mentorship is very key to my success. Life is too short to learn and know everything and I believe we learn from others’ experiences. Since I come from a finance background, I always look forward to learning from my cross-department business peers and network about the cybercrime world and how it is evolving each day and what we do in our business to protect against cybercrime. It’s important for me to understand and learn the business to help to execute by job.  

Photo of Dhvani Desai

Work-Life Balance 

Balancing a demanding cybersecurity career with personal life can be tough. How do you manage your work-life balance? Any tips for maintaining your well-being while excelling in your role?  

In addition to my current role at Arctic Wolf, I am also a mother, wife, and someone who loves gardening and cooking. Work-life balance is important for me to be happy with my work in the office and my life outside the office. Communication with the team about commitments and understanding team members’ commitments is key to that for me. Flexibility is not working less hours but working around our priorities and balancing them at the same. 

When I feel overwhelmed (I am sure we all do), I prefer talking to my leaders and taking guidance from them and my mentors.  All these have helped me maintain my well-being while excelling in my role.  

Finally – This year’s Women’s History month theme is” Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion” - What does it mean to you?  

I read the following quote from the American Psychological Association, and it perfectly describes what equity, diversity, and inclusion mean to me: 

“Equity involves providing resources according to the need to help diverse populations achieve their highest state of health and other functioning. 

Diversity refers to the representation or composition of various social identity groups in a work group, organization, or community. 

Inclusion strives for an environment that offers affirmation, celebration, and appreciation of different approaches, styles, perspectives, and experiences.”   

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