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Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

at Arctic Wolf

Our Mission

To foster and grow a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace.

“The creation of our Pack Unity Council was a breakthrough step in Arctic Wolf’s commitment to address social justice issues and support each wolf pack member as an individual in and out of the office. We focus our efforts on three main categories: safety and belonging, diversity in our organization, and community impact. We strive to create a workplace that celebrates our differences, encourages learning and development, inspires action, and contributes to meaningful change for our company and our communities.”

Kristin Dean Sr. Vice President of People


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Arctic Wolf Pack Unity

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Proud Wolves Pack Unity Alliance

"Arctic Wolf has been a great experience for me. The folks there have made a real effort to be as inclusive as possible. With everything from taking suggestions on how to make the hiring and onboarding process more trans-friendly to helping turn my small group for LGBTQIA+ employees into an official employee resource group, they’ve really been willing to listen, learn and work with me."

- Arctic Wolf Employee

"Over the early part of 2021 I was able to overcome self-doubt and realize that I am transgender. Fast forward to beginning of the week, and I came back to work as my true self. The Director of People that I worked with during my workplace transition made the process as smooth as possible, coordinated changes across multiple departments within Arctic Wolf, and made sure that I was okay every step along the way. I made friends with some awesome allies and my team has been very supportive of my transition since I got back."

- Arctic Wolf Employee

Women Transforming Tech Pack Unity Alliance

"Be Fearless — Being fearless is the mantra of my life. I believe it has been the key to my success and happiness in life, especially as a woman in tech. I often walk into rooms that are 80–90% men. Early in my career this was intimidating. I really had to push myself to be fearless and speak up in those meetings."

Dinah Davis,


"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to create a forum that empowers women at Arctic Wolf—and supporters—to amplify their voices and transform their careers in the technology space. We are forming a community that encourages strong professional networks both inside and outside of Arctic Wolf, where we foster career and leadership development and continued education. We strive to create policies and programs that support and celebrate women. Our why behind leading this group is rooted in a passion to recruit and retain amazing talent today and for years to come."

Military Support Pack Unity Alliance

We created this group as a way for veterans, servicemembers, their families and allies to create a community of support as we look to continue to drive military initiatives from within.

Mental Health & Wellbeing Pack Unity Alliance

If you’re looking for a welcome, safe, and engaging place to give and receive mental wellbeing support for yourself and your fellow pack members, the Mental Health and Wellbeing pack alliance group is here for you. Whether you’re looking for resources, an ear during a stressful time, or are looking for ways you can give back, this group has a place for you. No wolf ever runs alone.

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