Arctic Wolf Black Employee Alliance: Joi Payton

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Arctic Wolf is proud to honor this year’s Black History Month theme of Taking Action and Elevating Our Potential. We’re doing this with a series of activities throughout the month of February to honor the achievements of Black people through history, while celebrating and amplifying members of Arctic Wolf’s Black Employee Pack Unity Alliance. 

Today, we’re sharing the perspective of Joi Payton, a People Experience Specialist and member of our Black Employee Pack Unity Alliance. 

Can you share a bit about your personal journey in the cybersecurity field? What initially drew you to this industry and inspired you to pursue a career in it? 

I’m relatively new to the cybersecurity field, as my prior work background is in education. What first drew me to this field was the opportunity to impact people’s safety. Because of my previous background, I know how important it is to keep the devices and tools in the hands of people safe and secure.  

What does Black History Month mean to you? 

Black History Month is an opportunity to celebrate and remember. The history of Black Americans in the United States holds a lot of tragedy and injustice. I want to intentionally look at history to be part of the undoing. Also? There is immense joy. The stories of creativity and resilience need to be told, seen, and celebrated.  

What about the theme of this year — to take action and elevate your potential? 

To me, taking action to elevate your potential is about intentionality. What actions am I taking each day that will help move me towards the version of myself that I was created to be? How will that benefit others for the good?  

Photo of Joy Payton

Photo of Joi Payton

How has the Pack Unity initiative played a role in your growth at Arctic Wolf?  

Pack Unity and specifically the Black Employee Alliance has created a space to connect, build community and share about ways to navigate the nuances of working as Black woman in the tech industry. It is a safe space to learn and grow alongside others.  

How do you hope to see the cybersecurity industry evolve, especially in terms of inclusivity? 

I would love to see the cybersecurity industry lead the way when it comes to inclusivity. To be the driver of, and champion for, change in the workplace, specifically around inclusivity. We have seen several industries make strides in this area. What would it look like if cybersecurity was the model for how to attract, hire, retain, and develop their employees? How would that impact the communities that these companies are in?  

What advice do you have for people starting their career or looking to become a leader in their workplace? 

Have a clear grasp of what your gifts and talents are, as well as areas for continued growth. What makes any leader successful is the humility to learn from others and the ability to use their strengths for the good of others.  

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