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Simple, Predictable Pricing

Arctic Wolf SOC-as-a-Service is offered at a flat fee for the duration of your contract

Our pricing is unique in the industry for its simplicity, and you will never be surprised by unexpected fees. Our goal? Make SOC-as-a-service easy to purchase and deploy.

Unlimited data collection and storage

Your security partners should never make you decide between access to valuable security data and cost. The more data Arctic Wolf collects on your behalf, the better we are at bolstering your security posture. Instead of sending us as much data as you can afford to send, we want you to send us all of your data so that we can do a more thorough job. Simply put, we do whatever it takes to protect you, for a fixed fee.

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With Arctic Wolf you will never have to think about:

How many events per second do I need to process to be safe?

How many assets (systems, devices, servers) do I need to monitor?

How many security engineers do I need?

Additional unique features:

No data collection limit

No events per second limit

No limit to Concierge Security team consultation

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