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Arctic Wolf Agent

Actionable Endpoint Intelligence Managed by Security Operations Experts
Arctic Wolf Agent is lightweight software installed on endpoints to collect actionable intelligence from your IT environment, scan endpoints for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and respond to threats.
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The agent is a unified endpoint technology providing audit and alert telemetry for the Managed Detection and Response and Managed Risk solutions monitored 24×7 by Arctic Wolf security operations experts.
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Small Footprint, Big Insight

The Arctic Wolf Agent installs transparently through your IT department’s existing software deployment processes via universal installers (MSI and PKG). It carries no performance impact, requires zero-maintenance, and hitless updates are delivered seamlessly through the Arctic Wolf Platform.
1 %
Average CPU utilization during normal operation
1 MB
Average disk utilization footprint
1 MB
Memory utilization under normal operation
1 MB
Average daily bandwidth utilization per server

We Stop Cyberattacks Before They Impact Your Business

Actionable Endpoint Intelligence

Dynamic 24x7 monitoring from security experts to deliver audit and alert information about your endpoints.

Advanced Asset Inventory and Operational Metrics

Start building a comprehensive inventory of your network for audit purposes through profiling and classification of all of your workstations and servers.

Host-Based Vulnerability Assessment

Monitor servers and workstations for vulnerabilities and system misconfigurations only detectable through on-device observations.

Security Controls Benchmarking

Identify and benchmark your risk profile against globally-accepted configuration guidelines—including global security standards.

Managed Containment

Blocks data exfiltration and propagation of threats by preventing servers and workstations from communicating externally and with other devices on your networks.

Endpoint Threat Detection

Windows event log and Sysmon event monitoring provides threat detection and the ability to monitor lateral movements.

What the Arctic Wolf Agent Monitors:

Geo-location of the asset (based on GeoIP)

  • Process tables
  • Installed software
  • SSL certificates

Wireless networks both available and in-use

  • Network configurations
  • ARP table Information
  • Installed patches

Windows event logs​

  • System configurations
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Powered by the Arctic Wolf Platform

The cloud native Arctic Wolf™ Platform is designed to deliver security operations as a concierge service. While other systems have very narrow visibility from limited dimensions, Arctic Wolf’s vendor- agnostic platform works with your existing technology stack and records more than 60 billion daily security events from networks, endpoints, and cloud infrastructure to eliminate blind spots. The platform is designed to collect, enrich, and analyze security data at scale, and is the foundation on which we build our solutions that are delivered by the Concierge Security® Team (CST).

See it in Action

Extend your scan coverage beyond your internal and external networks into host-based scans. The Arctic Wolf Agent supports setting rules based on common alerts as defined by OSSEC and is managed 24×7 by security operations experts from the Arctic Wolf Concierge Security Team (CST) to quickly detect, assess, and contain threats.
The Arctic Wolf Dashboard on a laptop, highlighting bar graphs, as well as detections on a map.
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“Containing threats on our endpoints helps make our IT team more efficient and effective. When something malicious is identified on an endpoint, Arctic Wolf can lock it down so we can then remediate it based on our schedule.” 

Phillip Partin,

Director of Information Technology, Roper Pump 

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