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Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf

Simple, Predictable Pricing

Arctic Wolf Predictable Pricing
Broad data collection provides greater insight. That's why Arctic Wolf allows unlimited data collection for every customer.

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How many employees does your company have?
How many servers, physical or cloud, do you have?
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Unlimited Data Collection and Storage

We don’t place limits on data collection. The more data we collect and store on your behalf, the better we are at bolstering your security posture.

Fully Transparent

Every customer has access to comprehensive log data to review and collaborate with their Concierge Security® Team in real time.

Concierge Security® Included

At Arctic Wolf, we strive to make security operations easy to purchase and deploy.

We also want you to feel secure during every step of your security journey. Unlike other vendors in the industry, every Arctic Wolf offering comes standard with our white-glove Concierge Security® service, meaning you’ll never have to triage and mitigate incidents without your security operations expert by your side.

Our Pricing Model is Simple


Number of Users


Number of Sensors


Number of Servers


“The big thing about Arctic Wolf is the ability to contain cost. We wanted to know how we could incrementally scale without surprises. We don’t care about how large our logs now and how many users we have – we have the security in knowing that we know the incremental cost and that we can have when we need it.” 


Financial services

With Arctic Wolf you’ll never have to worry about:


How many events per second you need to process to be safe


How many assets (systems, devices, servers) you need to monitor


How many security engineers you should have on staff

unique features of arctic wolf pricing

No data collection limit

No data retention limit

No events per second limit

No log collection limit

No limit to Concierge Security® Team consultation

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