Introducing Security Operations: The Path to Security Effectiveness

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The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem.
Every year, new technologies, vendors, and products emerge. Yet despite this constant innovation, high-profile breaches keep making headlines. Clearly, the status quo is not working. Organizations seeking the path to truly effective security need to take a new approach.

To finally solve the effectiveness problem in cybersecurity, organizations need to find a solution that combines technology with human expertise. And it must address day-to-day security needs while also ensuring their overall security posture becomes stronger over time. 

Introducing Security Operations

This realization has led to the emergence of “security operations” as its own discipline in cybersecurity. By considering security operations as a discipline unto itself, organizations think beyond tools to a state of operations in which they have broad visibility into and across their technology, whatever it encompasses and wherever it resides. This insight enables their security teams, processes, and workflows to become highly effective, while also ensuring that targeted security outcomes are informed by experts and designed with the future in mind. 

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For organizations that seek to embrace the concept of security operations and develop a more strategic approach to security, they will benefit by experiencing better workflows, enhanced protection against potential breaches, and more secure cloud environments. 

In our new white paper “The Path to Security Effectiveness,” we outline our vision for how organizations can take the first steps on their security journey. The paper highlights the five key pillars of taking an operational approach to security and outlines why many organizations continue to experience failures with their security operations. 

Arctic Wolf® has focused on the operational approach to cybersecurity since our founding. We realized early on that security isn’t solely a tools problem or a staffing problem; it is an operational problem. We built the Arctic Wolf® Platform and created the industry’s first Concierge Security® Team to deliver critical operational capabilities like Arctic Wolf® Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, and Managed Cloud Monitoring to our customers. 

We are unique in the industry because our Concierge Security Team not only works around the clock to protect customers from threats; it also plays a strategic role. Our Concierge Security engineers are named resources who develop a unique understanding of an organization’s environment over time. They use this knowledge to continually assess their overall security posture and work proactively to ensure that your business always improves and constantly adapts to the threat landscape. 

Many organizations have limited financial resources to build an internal security operations center and hire the highly-sought cybersecurity experts they need. The Arctic Wolf approach to security operations provides a uniquely effective way for organizations to protect their endpoints, networks, and cloud services from today’s growing threats. 

Get started on the next phase of your security journey. Read The Path to Security Effectiveness now.

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Arctic Wolf provides your team with 24x7 coverage, security operations expertise, and strategically tailored security recommendations to continuously improve your overall posture.
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