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Stop Breaches Before They Disrupt Business

Learn how the Arctic Wolf Platform and Security Teams can help your organization detect the undetectable in only minutes and support ongoing security training to minimize the risk of breaches through human error.

Incident Response Timeline Could your organization detect a ransomware attack in under 5 minutes?

When it comes to mitigating the impact of any security incident, it’s a race against time to ensure the safety of your team’s most valuable assets.

Explore real-world examples below.

Ransomware Attack
& Containment

The threat actor leveraged a malicious encoded PowerShell Script (Base64) and within a minute of detection, the Arctic Wolf Labs team triggered an investigation.

Utilities Industry Ransomware Attack & Containment

Explore a real-world attack on a customer in the utilities industry. We’ll show you, step by step, how Arctic Wolf helped this customer both stop this attack as well as develop a roadmap for preventing future ones.


For the first time, we invite you to take an exclusive and real life look at how Concierge Security experts within Arctic Wolf’s industry-leading Security Operations workflow triage investigated, escalated and remediated a ransomware attack on a local government organisation.

Ransomware Attack Timeline

View the Arctic Wolf 5-Minutes Or Less Ransomware Interactive Incident Response Timeline.

Business Email Compromise
Attack Timeline

See how the Arctic Wolf platform detected an email account takeover in only 19 minutes.

Manufacturing Business Email Compromise

We’ll show you how the Arctic Wolf platform detected an email account takeover in only 19 minutes with the dedicated team of security experts investigating and alerting the customer in less than 10 minutes.

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability

Join us for our latest real-world attack example which will walk through an attack on a customer in the construction industry with the attacker leveraging the Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities that were released in early 2021.

Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability
Attack Timeline

See how the Arctic Wolf team was able to help this customer both stop the immediate attack as well as build a long term fix for these vulnerabilities.

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Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf Platform aggregates all telemetry to the cloud for storage, enrichment, and analysis. It provides coverage across endpoint, network, cloud, applications, identity, and human attack surfaces.

Arctic Wolf Triage Team

A 24×7 team of security experts who investigate alerts generated by the Arctic Wolf Platform. This team provides tactical support and guidance to customers and the Concierge Security Team during security events.

Arctic Wolf

The Concierge Security Team works with customers to build and execute a Security Journey that meets their organisation’s goals and objectives while identifying opportunities to strengthen their security posture over time.


Every Minute Matters: The Arctic Wolf Incident Response Timeline

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