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Arctic Wolf Managed Cloud Monitoring for Amazon Web Services

Arctic Wolf® detects and responds to advanced threats that impact your cloud-based applications and data hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, and helps you comply with regulatory mandates like PCI, HIPAA, and SOX. Every customer is assigned a dedicated Concierge Security® Team, which provides the security expertise you need to rapidly detect and respond to threats across your on-premises and AWS cloud deployments.
All Arctic Wolf solutions were developed in collaboration with AWS. Our relationship ensures Arctic Wolf technology, processes, and services fully utilize AWS advanced computing, storage, networking, and more. Together, we deliver a fully managed service designed to protect and monitor your essential AWS resources.

Centralized Monitoring for Your AWS Infrastructure

Arctic Wolf provides comprehensive visibility into your AWS resources. The Arctic Wolf AWS monitoring solution provides:

Customizable Threat Detection Logic

Customize monitoring and alerting based on your AWS environment’s specific needs.

24x7 Concierge Security Access

24x7 monitoring delivered by industry-leading experts to detect suspicious activity in your AWS environment.

Comprehensive AWS Coverage

Centralized analysis of activity from AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS WAF, Amazon EC2 instances, and more.

AWS Security Posture Management

Scan and inventory cloud assets, and benchmark and improve security posture.

Host Vulnerability Scanning

Extract vulnerability information from hosts in your AWS environment.

CIS Security Controls Benchmarking

Evaluate the security controls in your AWS hosts against industry standards.

Arctic Wolf® Agent for Amazon EC2 visibility

Enable agent-based collection of Windows Event logs for enhanced visibility into your Amazon EC2 instances.

Detailed Weekly Reporting

Concierge-delivered weekly reports of activity across active AWS services.

Arctic Wolf Security Operations

Arctic Wolf security operations provides comprehensive AWS monitoring

AWS Data Collection

AWS Events/Alerts Detected

AWS: Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring


AWS CloudTrail

AWS account activity


Amazon CloudWatch

AWS resources, OS, and apps monitoring


Amazon GuardDuty

Curated Amazon GuardDuty findings



AWS WAF logs