Advisory Services

Arctic Wolf Security Experts Help Align
Security Operations with Your Business Strategy

Our Advisory Services enable CyberSOC customers to leverage the battle-tested best practices used by AWN concierge security engineers (CSEs), who run our industry-leading SOC-as-a-service. These services align your security operations to your business strategy, and improve your security posture by auditing your security configurations and processes. Our security experts are able to provide in-depth assessment of your current security policies and configuration, develop a concrete cybersecurity roadmap, and recommend changes to your incident response plans. 

Arctic Wolf Advisory Services:


AWN CSE audits your firewall configuration, and recommends specific changes to network segmentation and firewall policies to improve your overall security posture and reduce business risk.
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AWN CSE audits your Active Directory, DNS/DHCP configurations, and recommends changes to your AD configuration, password policies, replication and information sharing policies, and identifies stale accounts.
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AWN CSE reviews your IR plan, runs through live table-top exercises, makes recommendations on how to rapidly respond to a set of cyber threats, and addresses regulatory requirements that apply to your industry.
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