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Security Operations for Healthcare Organisations

The healthcare industry is a prime target for cyber attackers.
Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers hold rich sources of sensitive patient health information (PHI). Unfortunately, the quest to improve patient care has resulted in an increasingly complicated IT landscape, along with new security threats, and a growing number of compliance requirements to abide by.

The Security Challenge for Healthcare

Lack of Visibility

Connected medical devices, a sprawling distribution of locations, and scarcity of cohesive inventory management are major security challenges.

Cyberattacks on the Rise 

Ransomware attacks result in a lack of productivity, reputation damage, class-action lawsuits, and can ultimately cost lives. 

The Cost of Compliance

Healthcare has the highest data breach cost per record of any industry*. A single fine can cost tens of millions of pounds.
*Ponemon Institute

Looking for a security operations team to take on your healthcare security challenges?

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Why Arctic Wolf for Healthcare

Cloud Native Platform

The Arctic Wolf® Platform is the industry’s only cloud native platform that delivers security operations as a concierge service. It is designed to detect, collect, and enrich security data at scale across healthcare locations, networks, and connected medical devices.

Concierge Security® Team

Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® Team (CST) develops a complete understanding of your unique IT environment, then continuously monitors security events enriched and analysed by the Arctic Wolf® Platform. That means your resource-constrained IT team obtains extended coverage, security expertise, and custom security recommendations.
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“Arctic Wolf’s turnkey security operations provides us with advanced threat detection and response capabilities at a fraction of what it would cost to do it ourselves. Arctic Wolf’s Concierge Security® model works perfectly for our IT team, which previously had no dedicated security resources.”

Joshua Sharp,
Director of Information Technology, Bethesda Health Group

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