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Reducing Threat Impact with the Top 20 CIS Security Controls

For CISOs and IT managers, keeping up with the rapidly evolving threat landscape can feel like an impossible task. 

Whether you’re just starting to research new ways to strengthen your cybersecurity perimeter or seeking to build onto your existing security program, the CIS (Center for Internet Security) controls help institute basic security practices that are the foundation of leveraging best-in-class threat intelligence to produce security outcomes.

Many experienced cybersecurity leaders are familiar with the CIS Critical Security Controls as a means of extending their cyber risk management practices beyond simple vulnerability management.  CIS controls supplement almost every other security framework—including NIST, ISO 27001, PCI, and HIPAA—and are a useful baseline to develop or assess your security program.

In this session, Lane Roush, VP of Presales Systems Engineering at Arctic Wolf, will walk through the top 20 CIS Critical Security Controls and best practices to implement them into your organization’s security strategy to reduce threat impact.

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