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The Financial Industry Cybersecurity Checklist

With Arctic Wolf’s Financial Industry Cybersecurity Checklist, discover actionable steps to start enhancing your organization’s security posture.

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In an astounding statistic, financial services firms have been found to be 300 times as likely as other companies to experience a cyberattack.  

Unfortunately, this sort of constant threat for financial institutions is nothing new. For centuries, banks have had to contend with the threat of unrelenting fraud attempts by sophisticated crook around the globe.  

In 2020, the problem has never been worse. Attacks are occurring in greater frequency, the methods are more complex, and the damage has been increasingly devastating. With those factors in mind, Arctic Wolf has developed The Financial Industry Cybersecurity Checklist. Our goal is help provide your organization with actionable steps to start enhancing your security posture today.  

In the guide you’ll learn:  

  • How to create a security-conscious workforce 
  • The importance of inventory and control for all your hardware and software 
  • Regulatory requirements for the United States, Canada, and European Union 
  • Why you need to back up data offsite 
  • How long it takes most organizations to identify a breach 
  • Ways to start boosting your security posture and what to look for in your security operations

Discover how Arctic Wolf can help bolster your defenses. Download the Financial Industry Cybersecurity Checklist and start building a stronger security profile within your organization.