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Combating Cyberattacks: How SOCs Protect State and Local Governments

The stakes have never been higher for state and local governments looking to protect their invaluable data from cyberattacks. Cites, counties and state agencies from Maryland to Texas have struggled to cope with the fallout from debilitating cyberattacks that resulted in closed schools, paralyzed hospitals, and chaotic service delays.

Even worse, many agencies are falling further behind in their response to current cyberthreats. For instance, take the money that agencies spend to help prevent cybersecurity incidents. The public often demands accountability into such spending, but agencies can become so bogged down with documenting their cybersecurity budgets that they find themselves devoting less time and fewer resources to what matters most — defending against actual threats. Ultimately, agencies can’t tackle danger as quickly if they’re buried under budget reports.

GovLoop partnered with Arctic Wolf, a SOC-as-a-service provider, on this report about how SOC-as-a-service can strengthen agencies’ cybersecurity. The following pages explain how to maximize SOC-as-a-service’s potential. The report lists best practices for improving agencies’ compliance with security regulations using SOC-as-a-service. For additional insights, we interviewed Dinah Davis, Vice President of Research and Development (R&D), at Arctic Wolf, and Benny Hsieh, Cupertino, California’s IT Manager, Infrastructure.



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