Pack Spotlight – Andrew Rotschafer

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Our Pack Unity ambassadors represent our mission of fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization where all are safe, belong, and can thrive and act as a safe resource to their peers. Today, we’re proud to spotlight Andrew Rotschafer, an Account Representative and Pack Unity Ambassador who works daily to foster an inclusive culture at Arctic Wolf and ensure all employees feel ownership for the outcomes that they create.

What is your role at Arctic Wolf? Tell us about your favorite part of day-to-day life in the Pack. 

I work as a commercial account representative for upstate New York and New England. My favorite part of the day is collaborating with teammates and trying to consistently improve so our prospects and customers understand the value that Arctic Wolf provides from an operational, risk, and technology standpoint.  

What are you most proud of with your work as a Pack Unity Ambassador? 

Getting to meet and learn from others within and outside of Arctic Wolf that I wouldn’t have had the chance to without participating. We have an awesome and organized team that puts on cool events and makes them available to all of Arctic Wolf. I’m better at my job because of knowing new members from different orgs such as the Concierge Security® Team and getting to pick their brains.  

What’s one skill you think it’s important for Pack Unity leaders to have? 

Listening, reflection, and taking action. They come together and show that others are indeed taking time to truly listen, make observations, digest, and make changes based on what you heard.  

Photo of Andrew Rotschafer and his dog.

Photo of Andrew Rotschafer and his dog Mojo

How do you wind down outside of the office?  

Rest, recovery, diet, and exercise. Getting outside and working on the yard, taking our dog for a walk and playing fetch, playing golf and guitar, and coaching football at our local HQ city, Eden Prairie. To relax, I like to do yoga, stretch, and make sure I get enough sleep.  

What would your advice be to somebody thinking about applying to Arctic Wolf? 

Evaluate from a capabilities, market, and culture standpoint. We have a vision and services that are clearly a fit and winning in the market. There are many security/tech companies that have great technology, but don’t have the scale and learnings that Arctic Wolf does from a people, process, and tech standpoint. From a culture perspective, people care about you and listen from your first day of onboarding. Arctic Wolf is consistently top-rated in the third-party surveys, so you have a great mix of market, operational, and culture amalgamations.  

Picture of Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf

Arctic Wolf provides your team with 24x7 coverage, security operations expertise, and strategically tailored security recommendations to continuously improve your overall posture.
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