Cloud Monitoring

AWN CyberSOC™ Provides 24x7 Visibility to
On-Premises Networks and Cloud Services

AWN CyberSOC™ provides comprehensive visibility for leading cloud services. AWN Virtual Sensors use APIs to provide near-real-time monitoring of your cloud resources and user behavior to ensure they comply with your security policies. Data from cloud services are processed by our CyberSOC, which leverages Hybrid AI to detect and respond to advanced attacks with 10X better accuracy, and minimize the impact to your business.

Monitoring of the Following Types of Cloud Services:

Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor your cloud infrastructure resources and detect unauthorized access and misuse of your networks, resources and app instances in AWS and Azure.

SaaS Application Monitoring

Monitor your SaaS applications and detect malicious user activity and data exposure in Office 365, SalesForce, G Suite, and Box.

Security Services Monitoring

Monitor security events related to user single-sign-on and malicious endpoint activity in security service providers like Okta and Cylance.

AWN CyberSOC™ 24x7 Monitoring


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