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Summary of Changes to Master Solutions Agreement

Summary of Changes to Master Solutions Agreement and Managed Risk Solutions Terms

Last Updated Date:
August 1, 2020

We have provided a summary of the most notable changes to the Master Solutions Agreement (MSA) and our Managed Risk Solutions Terms. This summary is not exhaustive list. To see all of the changes, please read the full Master Solutions Agreement here or the Managed Risk Solutions Terms here.


The Master Solutions Agreement (MSA) is an agreement between you and Arctic Wolf that governs your use of Arctic Wolf’s solutions. It includes, by reference, our Solutions Terms. The updates to the MSA and Solutions Terms will take effect in accordance with the current terms governing your existing subscription. If you continue to use our solutions on or after their effective date, or such other date set forth in your agreement with us, you are agreeing to the updated terms.




  • Our affiliates help in the delivery of our solutions to you. We have updated the MSA to ensure that this is clear and to assure you we are contractually responsible for our affiliates’ performance.
  • We are continually evaluating and adding new features and functionality to our solutions; however, you should not rely on the availability of any such future feature or functionality when subscribing to use our solutions.
  • While you may purchase our subscriptions through an authorized partner, such authorized partners are not permitted to modify or make any commitments related to our solutions.
  • If you do not return the equipment provided by us to you for use during the subscription term, you will be responsible for reimbursing us for the replacement cost of the equipment and you will be responsible for any breach of any information contained on the equipment.
  • Our intellectual property is important to us. You agree to implement safeguards to prevent the introduction of malicious code into or circumvention of the security of the solutions.
  • You understand and agree we may be required or compelled by law or regulatory authority to report unlawful activities discovered by us or provided information about your use of the solutions. We will notify you, if legally permissible, to allow you the opportunity to contest any such disclosure.
  • We will only disclose your confidential information as we agree in the MSA or as set forth in our Privacy Policy located here.
  • You grant us the ability to use your name or logo in our customer lists, marketing materials, and verbal discussions with our prospective customers.
  • We agree that any cause of action arising out of the MSA will be brought within one year after the claim or cause of action arose.
  • Any terms included on your purchase orders or other ordering documents you may provide to us are expressly rejected.
  • Our Managed Risk Solution Terms have changed to address the exciting features and functionalities that have been added to the solution.
  • Throughout the MSA, we have made changes to improve clarity and address grammar, typos, terminology, definitions, and other similar issues.


If you have any questions about the changes we have made to the MSA, please feel free to contact us at legal@arcticwolf.com. Thank you for being part of the Arctic Wolf Pack!