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Cybersecurity Solutions for the Transportation Industry

Cyberthreats to the transportation sector bring unique risks because they can have damaging ripple effects on other industries that rely on air, rail, truck, shipping, and logistics companies to carry out their operations. Unfortunately, even as the transportation sector has pursued digital transformation improvements to make its operations more efficient, it has yet to respond to increasing cyberthreats with similar urgency.

By the Numbers

Cybersecurity Challenges in the Transport Sector

Transportation companies possess a wide array of data that appeal to cybercriminals and nation-state actors alike, including PII information, biographic information, passport numbers, loyalty program information, payment card data, travel itineraries, and more. 

Automation, analytics, and enhanced logistics have transformed the transportation industry. But these same technological breakthroughs have expanded attack surfaces and exacerbated gaps in cybersecurity coverage. As companies in the air, rail, truck, shipping, and logistics spaces push to expand their reach while reducing transit times, increasing efficiencies, and improving safety, they must do so while ensuring that the disruptive technologies driving their industry’s innovations do not leave them exposed to cyber attacks. 

Malicious insiders account for 29% of cyber attacks on the transportation industry.
The average cost of a data breach in the transportation industry is $3.6 million.
The mean time to detect a data breach for the transportation industry is 204 days.
Over one-third of all attacks on the transportation industry are ransomware attacks.

Customer Testimonial

They are very responsive, the detections are curated (i.e., no false positives and therefore no alert fatigue), and overall I am very satisfied with their services...The periodic account review meetings provide tremendous value as well and they will brief me on some of the big things we have to fix.
Head of Cybersecurity, Current Customer at a Transportation Company
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