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An increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape is creating issues for business and organizations of every size: Severe alert and regulation fatigue, vendor overload, along with a variety of complex compliance issues.

There's also a growing skills gap in play. As cyberattacks continue growing in number and complexity⁠—so is the shortage of people who can effectively respond. With over 1.5 million vacant cybersecurity jobs, many businesses are at a complete loss at how to protect themselves.

That's where Arctic Wolf's SOC-as-a-Service comes in. 

Concierge Security – The Evolution of Protection

At the core of our progressive SOC-as-a-service sits the industry’s original Concierge Security™ Team—security engineers working as an extension of your team around the clock. Keeping your business safe and secure in an ever-changing environment, they are experts who know how to stay ahead of  evolving threats.

Find out how Arctic Wolf can provide:

  • Around the clock eyes-on-glass monitoring of network traffic
  • A natural, cost-effective extension to your security team
  • Unlimited ingestion of logs and lightweight agent
  • Continuous Cloud monitoring
  • Dedicated Concierge Security Teams to provide 24×7 Incident Support

Arctic Wolf provides SOC-as-a-service with managed detection and response that is 10x more accurate than other solutions. 

Watch the video above to learn more and contact us to schedule a demo

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