Arctic Wolf Backs Security Operations Portfolio with $1 Million Service Assurance Benefit

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Company doubles down on commitment to help customers end cyber risk

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – June 10, 2021 – With a proven operational approach to protecting businesses of all sizes and in all industries, Arctic Wolf® now provides customers additional peace of mind with Arctic Wolf Service Assurance, should they experience a cybersecurity incident. Introduced today as the industry’s most comprehensive assurance solution, Arctic Wolf will now provide customers up to $1 million in coverage in the event of a successful cyberattack.

“No single cybersecurity tool is perfect at stopping attacks, and that’s why Arctic Wolf has always focused on the operational approach to cybersecurity in order to end cyber risk. With the launch of Arctic Wolf Service Assurance, we continue to demonstrate our leadership in security operations and our confidence in the Arctic Wolf Platform and Concierge Security Team to detect and stop threats across all attack surfaces,” said Odin Olson, vice president of Alliances, Arctic Wolf. “With up to one million dollars in coverage for organizations who adopt Arctic Wolf’s operational, best-in-class approach, we provide an unparalleled level of business protection—technically, operationally, and financially.”

Arctic Wolf Service Assurance is available at no cost to new and renewing Arctic Wolf customers who utilize Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response and additional Arctic Wolf solutions. It requires no minimum financial commitment to be eligible. If an enrolled customer experiences significant damage from a cyberattack, Arctic Wolf Service Assurance will provide funds to support recovery activities, legal and regulatory expenses, and other associated business costs. Arctic Wolf Service Assurance provides coverage for the following categories of events and expenses:

·      Ransomware Attacks: A successful ransomware attack that impacts operations.

·      Business Email Compromise (BEC) Incident: A BEC incident that results in the transfer of funds or fraud.

·      Compliance Event: A cyber incident that triggers regulatory penalties, fines, or other related costs.

·      Cyber Legal Liability: A suit arising as a result of a cyberattack, including privacy, security, and data loss or misuse.

·      Business Income Event: Impacts to business operations and income resulting from a cyber incident.

Arctic Wolf helps organizations end cyber risk by identifying, detecting, responding, and recovering from threats. The Arctic Wolf cloud-native security operations platform spans the complete security operations framework, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Managed Risk, Managed Cloud Monitoring, and Managed Security Awareness —delivered by the industry’s original Concierge Security® Team.

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Arctic Wolf® is the market leader in security operations, pioneering the first cloud-native security operations platform to end cyber risk. Leading the industry with threat telemetry from endpoint, network, and cloud sources, the Arctic Wolf® Platform, supported by the original Concierge Security® Team is the last line of defense for thousands of organizations worldwide. The Arctic Wolf Platform and Concierge Security experts make it fast and easy for organizations of any size to stand up world-class security operations that continually guard against attacks in an efficient and sustainable way.

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