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How Government Agencies Can Bring Affordability and Predictability to their Cybersecurity Operations

Cyberthreats are growing at an exponential rate against state and local governments. At the same time, the traditional cybersecurity approach isn’t sustainable from a resource perspective and brings its own risks in terms of unpredictable costs. Agencies must take a new approach and invest in sophisticated solutions around threat detection and response–without taxing already tight budgets. 

In this on-demand webinar, we discuss a new approach to cybersecurity that cuts through the unpredictability and risk. 

Join this session to learn more about:

  • The current ransomware and cybercrime environment state and local governments face 
  • How to gain 24x7 threat detection and response that’s cost effective  
  • Successful strategies that grow your cybersecurity program to meet mandates and agency-specific needs