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The State of IT and Cybersecurity

With cyberthreats constantly evolving, dedicated teams of security experts are now a given in large organizations and tasked with responsibilities outside the realm of general IT, especially in areas related to threat detection, analysis and response. It may come as a surprise, then, to learn the degree to which IT staffers still play important roles in cybersecurity.

From firewall configuration to patch management to identity and access management, the IT team takes the lead on many security-related functions within an organization.

Highlights from the Report:

The report, which included 120 respondents comprised of both general IT and security professionals, found that:

  • Security teams are 7% more likely to flag suspected security issues or compromises, while IT teams are 8% more likely to remediate them
  • Only 24% of both IT and security departments are fully staffed and not seeking additional help
  • 21% of organizations had no one dedicated to security responsibilities full time
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