Pack Spotlight – Kyle Holder

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We’re proud to honor the work that our Pack Unity ambassadors do in representing the mission of fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization where all are safe, belong, and can thrive, and act as a safe resource to their peers. Today, we’re spotlighting Kyle Holder, a sales development representative and Pack Unity Ambassador with a mission to apply the lessons he learned working in schools to make the Pack a great place to be. 

1. Tell us about your role at Arctic Wolf! What is your favorite part of day-to-day life at the Pack? 

I started at Arctic Wolf a little over a year ago, in July of 2022, as an SDR. Prior to joining the Pack, I was a teacher for about 10 years, so life as an SDR is a bit of a change. Because this is the start of a new career for me, I have to say my favorite part of day-to-day life is just how different things are compared to when I was working in schools. While a lot of my SDR coworkers are a bit younger than I am, it beats being surrounded by 12-year-olds all day.

The culture and community at Arctic Wolf are unmatched, and I feel very fortunate to be able to run with the Pack. 

2. The Pack Unity Ambassadorship program is designed to help advance the mission of making Arctic Wolf a great workplace for everyone. What drew you to leadership in the program? 

When I was teaching, I was a special education teacher, so trying to foster equity, understanding, and empathy runs deep within me and I’m passionate about it. I was part of the Equity Committee at my old school, so I was excited when I learned about the Pack Unity program here. I feel like sometimes it’s easy to walk in the door every morning and just get to work at your desk, but Pack Unity has been a great opportunity to see more than what’s right in front of you on a day-to-day basis. 

3. How has working at a school influenced your approach to fostering workplace culture? 

In addition to what I mentioned above, I brought a couple of my former teaching colleagues over to Arctic Wolf as well, and I think we’ve all brought our past experiences with us. When we were teaching, we were constantly collaborating, sharing ideas, supporting one another, and I think those are super important things in any job and they’ve certainly influenced my approach to help foster the culture here at Arctic Wolf. 

4. What do you do to wind down outside the office? 

When I’m not working, I play music in a couple of bands around the Twin Cities, unwind with some video games, and travel with my wife. The #games and #awn_jams Slack channels are some of my favorites here. 

5. Any advice for someone thinking about applying to lead in Pack Unity? 

Easy – do it! It’s a great way to meet new people and help make Arctic Wolf such an awesome place to be. 

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