Pack Spotlight: Clare Loveridge

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At Arctic Wolf, we’re proud to honor the work that our Mental Health and Well-being Pack Unity Alliance has accomplished in centering and advocating for the well-being of our Pack through webinars with mental health professionals, mindfulness sessions, pop-up sensory rooms, and so much more.

During the month of May, the alliance has partnered with HAPI (Honoring Asian and Pacific Islander) Wolves to curate activities and events centered around the theme of “serenity” in celebration of both Mental Health Awareness Month and Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

As we look back on Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re spotlighting Clare Loveridge, VP and GM of EMEA at Arctic Wolf. 

What is your role in the Pack? Tell us about your favorite part of day-to-day life at Arctic Wolf. 

I am the VP and GM of EMEA, the first person to be hired to start the EMEA region over two years ago. My favorite part of my day-to-day life is without question the people, spending time with people I truly like, respect, and admire — and for that I consider myself very lucky.

What’s one thing you’ve learned to value during your time at Arctic Wolf? 

People first. If you put people first, and arm them with the training, the tools, the culture, and the environment in which they can thrive, results will follow (in most cases). Most organizations put performance first but doing it differently at Arctic Wolf is proving successful.

How did you get involved in the Mental Health and Well-being Pack Unity Alliance? What’s been the most special aspect of being a part of that team? 

The President’s Council was asked if somebody would like to be involved, and I had no hesitation in volunteering. Seeing the care that people have for each other, the recognition of mental health and well-being, and being able to be open about struggles is so important, and that’s what this Unity Alliance provides.

How can fast-growing companies like Arctic Wolf prioritize the mental health and well-being of their employees? 

Culture is hugely important. We encourage our staff to take their holiday allowance, enjoy weekends, and remember the importance of friends and family even when deadlines are in place and pressure is high. Employees build strong friendships at work and leaders employ an open-door policy so people feel that there is always someone to talk to about any concerns. This all comes from the top down.

The clock strikes 17:00 (5 pm) on Friday. What do you do in your free time to wind down outside of the office? 

Housework and laundry! My friends and family are so important to me that the weekends are not just about doing all of the jobs that I missed during the week but about planning time with loved ones. I exercise Monday to Friday, so Saturday and Sunday are about nice walks, trips away, good food, wine, laughter, and making memories with those close to us.

Finally: What’s your go-to mantra or motto that you take with you in the workplace or throughout life? 

I have two: 

  • It’s nice to be nice. My dad taught me this and it is something I try to live by – job titles, earnings, none of that matters – how we treat each other does!
  • Everything happens for a reason. You might not know it at the time but be patient and it will become clear.
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