How to Find and Leverage Federal Funding for Cybersecurity

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By now it’s become clear—hybrid and remote work are here to stay. This goes for employees in the government sector as much as it does for those in other industries. Along with increased flexibility, however, comes increased attack surfaces for security professionals to defend.  

If the damage done by the top cyber attacks of 2021 is any indication, local, state, and federal governments need to do more to harden their security postures as threat actors find new ways to attack and exploit vulnerabilities. That’s why, only a few weeks into 2022, President Biden signed a National Security Memorandum (NSM) that will mandate the hardening of national security systems’ security postures to—at a minimum—those of federal civilian networks.  

Fortunately, there has never been a more favorable funding environment for state and local agencies to fortify their security infrastructure. With billions in federal aid available, state and local governments can make cybersecurity investments now that will not only meet their current needs—but also strengthen their security posture over the long term.  

Cybersecurity Federal Funding for State and Local Governments

Two major pieces of legislation passed in 2021 allocated billions of dollars for local and state governments to harden their security posture.  

The American Rescue Plan Act, passed last March, earmarked over $350 billion in funds, which can be used for “[the] modernization of cybersecurity, including hardware, software and protection of critical infrastructure.” This includes:

  • $195 billion to states  
  • $65 billion to counties  
  • $45 billion+ to cities  
  • $20 billion to tribal government  

And the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, passed in November, includes $1.9 billion in funding for cybersecurity—$1 billion of which will be directed to state and local governments to help them strengthen their security infrastructure.  

How to Claim Federal Cybersecurity Funds  

Our on-demand webinar with Government Technology, “Federal Funding 101: Using ARPA and Infrastructure Act Dollars to Proactively Harden Government’s Security Posture,” unpacks these tremendous funding streams. And there’s more. In this webinar, experts from Government Technology and Arctic Wolf dive into how agencies can find and use these federal funds to build a more secure future. Watch now and get: 

  • Guidance on how to prepare your agency to apply for these dollars 
  • Examples of how agencies used federal funding to build up their security defenses 
  • Key insights into why investing in managed security operations solutions helps combat evolving threats

The Most Effective Way to Use Federal Cybersecurity Funding 

In our brief, Building More Resilient, Secure Government with ARPA and Infrastructure Act Funding, you’ll learn how managed threat prevention, detection, investigation, and response services overseen by a highly skilled team of external security experts can drastically improve government security operations.  

“Managed security solutions offer a realistic prospect for governments to gain ongoing value within their budgets,” says Louis Evans, product marketing manager at Arctic Wolf. “A lot of government agencies will find that such an investment steers them towards an ongoing practice of security operations that’s up to the challenges they currently face.”  

Download the Brief 

Watch the Webinar 

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