Are You Prepared for the Evolution of Cyberthreats?

June 11, 2018 Arctic Wolf Networks

It seems like only yesterday that firewalls and antivirus tools that identified known patterns in malicious code were enough to ward off cyberattacks. Times have changed and cyberthreats have become more sophisticated. Whether it is hackers trying to make an illicit profit or nation-states trying to gather sensitive information, the adversary is cleverer and more persistent, and only needs to get lucky once.

Today’s cybercriminals:

  • Focus on remaining undetected
  • Aim to exfiltrate customer data, intellectual property or operational files
  • Frequently target organizations that have fewer resources to defend themselves

In fact, approximately half of all cyberattacks directly target small businesses. These organizations have high-value data that attackers can use for extortion, or sell on the dark web. It takes much more than point security products for SMEs to offset modern attack methods

The Modern Cyberthreat

The most common modern cyberattacks used for financial gain include:

  • Zero-day attacks: Vulnerabilities that lack a known malware signature; a security flaw in a legitimate application that can be exploited
  • Phishing attacks: Schemes to manipulate users into downloading malicious files or divulging credentials
  • Ransomware: Encryption malware that renders critical data unusable until a ransom is paid; usually spread through phishing
  • Brute-force attacks: Continuously generates passwords or PINs until access to a system is acquired
  • Insider threats: An example is a former employee who exploits his or her unrevoked user privileges to access corporate resources

The common thread among these tactics is that they attempt to quietly infiltrate the network, so data can be accessed, locked down and/or stolen with the intention of collecting a ransom.

Leveling the Playing Field

Organizations of all sizes need more than off-the-shelf security products to counter cyberthreats. They need “force multipliers” that comprehensively address today’s threats, provide round-the-clock monitoring, overcome the shortage of security talent and deliver within tight budgets.

To learn more about today’s threat landscape and how SOC-as-a-service can help your business today, download the “Definitive Guide to SOC-as-a-Service” by clicking on the banner below:


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