Arctic Wolf’s Women Transforming Tech Pack Unity Alliance: Katrina Lassegard

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Arctic Wolf’s Women Transforming Tech (WTT) Pack Unity Alliance serves as our platform for women and their allies to build community, create strong professional networks, foster career development, and identify informal and formal ways that Arctic Wolf can be more inclusive in our cybersecurity industry. Today, we’re sharing the perspective of Katrina Lassegard, our Commercial Sales Director and member of our WTT Pack Alliance. 

Journey and Motivation  

Can you share a bit about your personal journey in the cybersecurity field? What initially drew you to this industry and inspired you to pursue a career in it?  

I knew it was a growing market, and that I would be able to apply my previous experience selling outsourced technology services at the right cybersecurity company. It’s been a ride keeping up with all the changes that happen in the industry. I anticipate it will continue to be!

Navigating Career Progression  

Many women face unique challenges in advancing their careers. What strategies did you employ to progress and succeed in your cybersecurity career? How did you advocate for your own professional growth?   

Ultimately each person owns their own growth so it had to start with me. Watching others and identifying what I wanted to learn how to do and what I needed to learn, and then investing in myself to grow the skills I may not have already possessed was the best way for me to grow. Additionally, having the support of mentors and champions who were looking for me to succeed was also helpful.

Executive coaching has been instrumental in me becoming the human and leader I am today. I’ve enrolled in outside classes to hone my skills, I read books, listen to podcasts, and find people to partner with me as I attack my role and my day to day responsibilities. I tried, for a while, to do it alone earlier in my career and it didn’t work. I needed support from others – from men and women. Being my authentic self without airs or worries about what people think of me has helped me harness my power as an individual contributor and leader. I try to be candid, open, and vulnerable with people, so they ideally return the same to me and my teams. Lastly, periodic check-ins with myself to evaluate what I want and how I can best contribute to the company has helped me proactively navigate through opportunities for growth and advancement throughout my career.

Mentorship and Networking 

Mentorship and networking can be instrumental in one’s career growth. Have you had mentors who guided you in your journey? How has networking with peers and colleagues influenced your career path? 

My mentors have been instrumental in my career growth. Peers that you continue to share stories and best practices with, get advice from and commiserate with when necessary is key to stepping out and seeing the bigger picture that always exists outside of your own view, situation, or company. I would not be the leader or individual person I am today without the support of my mentors and leaders past and present.

Breaking Stereotypes 

The cybersecurity field has traditionally been male dominated. Have you encountered gender-related stereotypes or biases during your career? How did you address these challenges and help break down barriers?

Being a women in technology sales over the last 20+ years and cybersecurity sales for the last seven has been a ride! Focusing on being the best at what I do and being patient and persistent where and when necessary is how I have addressed the stereotypes. Humor, levity calling bias out without shaming, and giving people grace have been key elements, also. I’m grateful to have a plethora of supporters across genders within Arctic Wolf who are supportive of calling out stereotypes and bias where they might pop up. This continues to be the best environment I have been in in my career — but we all have work to do day to day to continue to make Arctic Wolf an inclusive and welcoming, supportive space for all.

Work-Life Balance 

Balancing a demanding cybersecurity career with personal life can be tough. How do you manage your work-life balance? Any tips for maintaining your well-being while excelling in your role?

Balancing work and family for anyone, no matter what industry you are in is, as one of my coaches taught me, “Lifework. And work worth doing.” You don’t arrive at balance and if you do, a second later you can be thrown off-kilter. I’ve been blessed to have been in a loving relationship with my spouse where we have been able to toggle the weight and joy of raising a family and nurturing a relationship between each other. When one of our workloads was heavier, the other engaged harder with kids, community, church. As my children grew through adolescence and now adulthood, I was open and honest with them, explaining how I couldn’t do it all, that I am fallible, and at times need their support and help, also. Open conversations, advocating for your needs and yourself, and asking for help when it is too much are all pieces of advice I give to others — and, some days, myself!

Vision for the Future 

As experienced professionals in the cybersecurity field, what is your vision for the future of the industry? How do you hope to see it evolve, especially in terms of gender diversity and inclusivity?

I choose to believe that we are all good people at our cores. We want to be part of inclusive organizations that hire and promote from diverse populations. Want is one thing, exercising it and living it is another. My vision for the future of the industry is to continue to be aware, educated, and engaged,  hiring the best talent while being aiming to eradicate the biases that can exist in hiring, managing, and promoting.

Inspiring Moments  

Throughout your career, what moments or achievements have been most inspiring or fulfilling to you? Is there a particular experience you’d like to share that could motivate others on their journeys?

Connection with others has driven me through my career. The most fulfilling times have been being part of a winning team, achieving something way more than what the individuals or we as a group thought possible. The “champagne popping” after hitting a goal as a team, no matter what form that actually takes, is the best.

Supporting people in the growth of their careers, and building genuine relationships by supporting one another has also been rewarding. That starts with the people around me every day and extends to partners and customers. The real interactions between people — solving problems, moving fast, delivering for the customers and partners — is the key to staying motivated and fulfilled. If we’re not having fun, I want to make it fun or I want out! That’s what I have always said.

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