Prepare Your Cybersecurity Program for Growth

Prepare Your Cybersecurity Program for Growth

How SMBs Can Manage Risk While Improving Their Security Posture

Just because SMBs are smaller in size, it doesn’t mean they’re safe from cybercriminals. Threat actors go after any vulnerable organization where financial gain or valuable data can be found, and these businesses are consistently a top target — they need outside help to progress along their security journey and reduce risk.
In our comprehensive guide, we lay out eight steps an SMB can take, no matter their maturity level, to start improving their security posture and put themselves in a position to be more resilient to threats.

8 Ways SMBs Can Prepare Their Cybersecurity Program for Business Growth

A holistic approach that prioritizes high-impact security investments — along with external support implementing and maintaining security operations — will maximize the effectiveness of an SMB’s cybersecurity program and ensure each component is working in tandem towards a strengthened security posture.


Choose a cybersecurity framework that allows your organization to evaluate your current security posture and identify gaps.

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Determine what parts of your security environment can be outsourced.

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Implement risk management, risk reduction, and risk transfer.

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Develop a security awareness training program for your growing number of users.

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