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Arctic Wolf vxIntel

Easily add malware and cyber intelligence to enhance the threat detection capabilities to your software product.
Why Arctic Wolf vxIntel?
Arctic Wolf vxIntel combines the latest available malware samples together with historical data for context, along with all the essential functionality researchers need to fast-track their analysis. Data has been gathered to turn it into meaningful insights and actionable intelligence feeds.
Unique Files Daily
+ 0 K
New Data Monthly
+ 0 TB
Historical Samples
+ 0 M

Meaningful Insights

  • +500K unique files per day gathered from 100+ public and proprietary sources
  • +10TB of new binaries, URL and domain info, and metadata per month
  • Unique access to over 500 million historical malware data spanning more than a decade

Actionable Intelligence Feeds

  • Malware feeds — Windows/PE, Windows/Non-PE, and MacOS feeds
  • Mobile feeds
  • Clean files feeds
  • URL feeds — Bad URLs and domains + related samples
  • Detection feed with daily anti-virus (AV) detections

Robust REST APIs

  • Automate your daily workflow and operations
  • Fully documented, with examples
  • Various scripts and wrappers provided

Fast and Intuitive Portal

  • Easy to use web UI
  • Upload samples for analysis and multi-scanning
  • Search, submit, and download samples

Benefits of Arctic Wolf vxIntel

When you choose Arctic Wolf vxIntel OEM solutions, you save on development time and cost, and your customers get proven, best-in-class security scanning and threat intelligence solutions.
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The Latest Threats (Realtime)

A reliable, reputable alternative between enterprise platforms and open-source feeds to find the latest malware data

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Large Malware Datasets

Provides large, custom, and historical malware datasets for use in internal projects, product testing, or quality assurance.

Available for Download

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Easily add malware and cyber intelligence to enhance the threat detection capabilities of your software product.

Arctic Wolf vxIntel

Customer Testimonials

“Need the latest and most complete malware data available to help power your cybersecurity platform? Arctic Wolf vxIntel is the perfect choice for us because it provides all the latest malware data reliably – at a cost that makes sense for your business model.”

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“At the cutting edge of cybersecurity, having the latest data is the key. With Arctic Wolf vxIntel, you reliably get the high-quality malware data you need. “

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Arctic Wolf vxIntel

When did Arctic Wolf acquire vxIntel?
Arctic Wolf acquired vxIntel in August 2022.
Who is Arctic Wolf vxIntel for?
Arctic Wolf vxIntel is the perfect choice for security companies, ISVs, federal agencies, MSSPs and malware reversers who need quality malware data and analytical tools.

Malware and Cyber Intelligence

Arctic Wolf vxIntel offers meaningful insights into an unmatched threat intelligence dataset that are available through the user interface as well as programmatic tools. Developers can easily add malware and cyber intelligence to enhance the threat detection capabilities into your software product.
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