Log Analysis

Accessing and reporting on your log data is simple and easy with AWN CyberSOC

Accessing or reporting on your log data is simple and easy: just submit a request to your Concierge Security Engineer, who will provide you the data you need.  AWN CyberSOC includes comprehensive log management that includes the collection, aggregation and retention of raw log data for 90 days. Your log data is stored and organized in our Security Optimized Data Architecture (SODA™), and it is easily accessible at any time.  

Log management is a key requirement for compliance regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, and Sarbanes-Oxley. The work involved is tedious and time consuming, and is usually a full-time job. AWN CyberSOC removes the headaches of log management and makes it easy by doing the heavy lifting for you. 

Benefits of Log Management Included with AWN CyberSOC:

  • Unlimited log collection and 90 days storage
  • Automatic log collection and organization
  • Analysis and reporting performed by Concierge Security Engineer
  • No query languages to learn
  • Optional log retention for 5+ years



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