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The Challenges of Protecting Your Organization

As the economic damage from data breaches continue to grow, the cost and time needed to effectively defend against them has risen dramatically.
Time to value for a traditional SIEM or logging tool
0  Mo
Organizations who cite lack of skilled staff as challenge for a centralized SOC
0 %
Minimum number of full-time security staff recommended for a 24×7 SOC
8- 0
"Arctic Wolf acts as a force multiplier for our IT team. Arctic Wolf ensures Zelle’s and our clients’ data always remain secure. It has improved our security posture and helped us meet client security obligations."

SOC Staffing

Security Analysts, Security Engineers, and a SOC Manager are all needed on-site. In addition, 24×7 staffing is critical to catch intruders and malicious insiders before they impact your business.

SIEM + Professional Services

SIEM is the technology backbone of a SOC, but it's a complex technology to master, requires challenging customizations to implement, and imposes high ongoing maintenance and tuning costs.

Cloud Monitoring

Managed Cloud Monitoring identifies cloud risks, monitors cloud platforms, and simplifies cloud security across IaaS and SaaS resources.

External Threat Intelligence

External threat intelligence is critical to understand indicators of compromise, evolving and emerging attack types and methods, profiles of recent victims, and incident severity.

Vulnerability Scanning

Like with SIEM, various options are available. Tools are often priced with usage fees based on the number of scanned endpoints which contribute to cost unpredictability.

Arctic Wolf’s security operations solution includes all of these features and more.

Discuss your cost saving calculations with a cybersecurity expert today.

Discover Greater Insight Into How Much You Can Save With Arctic Wolf

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by utilizing Arctic Wolf’s Security Operations services. The results? Arctic Wolf saved the composite organization $1.38 million in risk-adjusted total benefits, delivering an NPV of $1.11 million and an ROI of 414%.