First Class Cybersecurity for the Aviation Industry with Arctic Wolf

First Class Cybersecurity for the Aviation Industry

Protecting complex infrastructure while enabling broad connectivity for customers and organizations on the move

The aviation industry plays a critical role in the global economy, with customers relying on it for fast — and safe — travel. When that safety is at risk from cyber attack, it can have lasting, damaging effects.

Advancements in modern technology, as well as the adoption of innovative digital solutions and applications have helped the aviation industry continue to grow and capture more of the transportation market. However, these same advancements and innovations have drastically increased attack surfaces, and the inherent interconnectivity required to do business makes proactive security a must.

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  • Monitor environments 24x7 to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.
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  • Identify threats targeting network or cloud applications.
  • Conduct cybersecurity awareness training for security teams and employees.

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Cyber Threats Targeting Today's Aviation Industry
The aviation industry is tasked with protecting an enormous amount of data, applications, networks, endpoints, and cloud environments. From flight operations and security controls to online and on-prem reservation systems to in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi, the aviation industry operates on interconnectivity. While this has drastically improved the quality of customer experiences and the efficiency and performance of aviation organizations, this expanding digital ecosystem has also created expanded attack surfaces that not all are equipped to protect.

Major Threats

While the aviation industry is susceptible to everything from DDoS attacks to nation-state attacks, the most common major threats the industry faces are ransomware and social engineering attacks like phishing and business email compromise. 
Ransomware Is a Common and Costly Type of Attack Impacting the Aviation Industry
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Increase in aviation supply chain ransomware attacks.


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The average cost of a data breach in the transportation industry.


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Phishing was the initial access vector in over half of all cyber attacks on the transportation industry.



Average number of days to detect and remediate a ransomware attack.


How Arctic Wolf Addresses the Cybersecurity Challenges of the Aviation Industry
The aviation industry is besieged by threat actors looking to wreak financial and political havoc through extortion, data theft, and the slowdown or shutdown of systems. The solution to enabling interconnectivity and maintaining compliance while protecting passengers and planes? Managed security operations.
Arctic Wolf is a comprehensive security operations partner. We not only reduce the need for multiple tools and services, but also provide strategic guidance and expertise from a deep bench of expert security professionals. 
What makes Arctic Wolf uniquely effective is the combination of our Concierge Security® Team and the Arctic Wolf® Platform. Together, they are the foundation of our managed security operations solutions and enable us to deliver unprecedented security outcomes for our customers.

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