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Proactive Cybersecurity Protection for Educational Institutions

K-12 and higher education institutions rarely have the funding and staffing required to manage the expansive needs of proactive cybersecurity. Making matters even more challenging, technology and data have transformed the educational experience and improved the way students learn, but at the cost of increased attack surfaces and greater exposure to cyber attacks.

By the Numbers

K-12 schools, colleges and universities store massive amounts of personal information for students, parents and employees. ​

It’s critical to continuously monitor, analyze, prioritize, and manage vulnerabilities to ensure students, parents, employees, and staff — and their data — stay safe.

This requires 24×7, real-time cybersecurity operations that can help educational services organizations monitor, detect, and respond to threats not only during the school day, but on weekends, holidays, and summer vacation. For most institutions, this isn’t something that can be easily managed in-house.

The average cost of a data breach for organizations in education is $3.86M.
87% of educational institutions have experienced at least one data breach.
95% of cyber attacks on the educational services industry are financially motivated.
30% of employees in education were fooled by a phishing campaign impersonating their organization, twice the rate of the average industry.

E-Rate Funds for Cybersecurity

Arctic Wolf strongly believes that the E-Rate program should be expanded so that schools and libraries can better protect their networks, devices, and students from cyber threats.
Last year, we drafted a comprehensive response to the FCC that advocates for E-Rate funding support being made available for not only next-generation firewalls, but also cybersecurity solutions and services that span the entire cybersecurity operations framework.
We are excited to see that the FCC has proposed a three-year, $200 million pilot program as a way to collect data on which cybersecurity solutions would best help K-12 schools and libraries address the growing cyber threats and attacks against their broadband networks.
The FCC has yet to share details on how to participate in the pilot program, but once they do, we look forward to working with our partners, prospects, and current customers on ways to get involved.


Arctic Wolf is proud to be part of multiple purchasing cooperatives and work with our verified partners of our Wolf Pack Partner program.

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Customer Testimonial

“Arctic Wolf Managed Detection and Response checked all the boxes for us. It allowed us to continue our daily functions without having to worry about monitoring our network and user accounts all day, every day.”
Shannon M. Phillips, Technical Director, Charleston Southern University   
Struggling to navigate the complex world of compliance?
K-12 schools and institutions of higher education need to protect the privacy of their student records. 
All schools funded by the U.S. Department of Education programs must comply with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, whose aim is to ensure the protection of education records and personally identifiable information (PII). Additionally, most states have their own laws that apply to the education sector.
Navigate the complex world of educational services compliance and explore our interactive map.

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