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Security Optimized Data Architecture (SODA)

Arctic Wolf’s SODA provides the insights you need to truly understand your security posture

Arctic Wolf’s SODA is the industry’s first innovative approach to solve the big data conundrum in cybersecurity. Swift incident investigation of threats and breaches relies on the ability to process massive amounts of data efficiently. However, all data is not equal, and you must have the right data for the security problem you are addressing.

SODA unifies the ingestion, storage, parsing, and analysis of data for cybersecurity. It was specifically designed for cybersecurity data science to eliminate the data problem, and it is immediately accessible once the Arctic Wolf sensor is installed. With SODA, Concierge Security Engineers have complete visibility into your environment, so they can provide you the insights you need in order to truly understand your security posture.

The Right Data at the Right Time


Conducts daily triage
Eliminates false positives
Acts as trusted security resource
Provides actionable remediation recommendation
Implements customization


Store and organize data for CSE security activities
Scale up or down as needed
Unlimited data collection for no additional cost

SODA Delivers Multidimensional Data Collection and Storage

Data Type


Raw Data




Monitored data that provides context or details of an incident

Data in its native form that can be reviewed

Labeled data that may have been enhanced or normalized

Categorized data that is easily and quickly searchable

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